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Best Black Friday Bean Bag Chairs Sale 2023

Last updated on July 23rd, 2023 at 07:43 am

The Black Friday bean bag chair sale and bean bag Cyber Monday deals will soon be available again! Black Friday is coming around on Friday, November 25th and Cyber Monday on Monday 28th, 2022. It’s the perfect time to get your favorite style of bean bag chair for a discounted price before the holiday season. You can find all the latest deals for any color and size you want, and they come in many shapes like round, square, rectangle, or animal print. A bean bag chair is perfect for lounging on to watch TV, read a book, or just chill with family and friends. Top brands will be bringing you the best deals to save you money. Lovesac Black Friday prices are the best available all year, Our Epic Moon Pod Black Friday deals will also be posted here plus tons of other brands including Chill Sack, Ultimate Sack, Sofa Sack and more… Many even have a lifetime guarantee and free shipping!

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Does Lovesac Have Black Friday Sales? Yes!

The Lovesac Company

Lovesac call their bean bag chairs (or Sac’s) the World’s Most Comfortable Seat. Lovesac Sac’s ARE very comfortable, but they’re expensive too – probably the most high-end brand on the market today. With the Lovesac Black Friday sale though you can save $$$’s. This is a great time to buy!

Lovesac Black Friday deals for 2022 will be posted when they become available. There are occasional flash sales during the year, but the Black Friday/Cyber Week sale is the longest-lasting sale so the best opportunity to pick up one of Lovesac’s luxurious products.

The Black Friday promotion has started and will be ongoing for the whole of Cyber Week. Right now you can get 20% off everything on the site. When you consider the price of the Lovesac range (they’re pretty expensive items) you’ll see that this is a significant saving and definitely worth it if they’re in your price range.

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Moon Pod Black Friday Offer

The Moon Pod is one of the most well-known bean bag chairs on the market and even has some celebrity fans! This is a “zero gravity” bean bag, with light high density beads that make you feel like you’re floating when you lie on it. Because it mimicks floatation therapy it is said to have many extra benefits like stress relief, pain relief etc. Its ergonomic shape and filling mould themselves to the body giving great support and relaxation.

The Moon Pod itself has an RRP of $399 on the official website, which although nowhere near as expensive as the Lovesac, is still pretty expensive for a bean bag chair. There are plenty of accessories available (at an extra cost) that make your experience even more relaxing. The Moon Pod Crescent is the most popular of these (turns your Moon Pod into an armchair and is good for back & neck support).

They periodically do 25% off sales during the year if you’re lucky enough to be online at the right time. There will likely also be 25% off in the Moon Pod Black Friday sale. This would make the Moon Pod just $299.

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And the rest?

There will be plenty more Black Friday Bean Bag Chair deals closer to the date, but unfortunately the prices usually aren’t released until a week or so before they go on sale. However, we’ll make sure that once November comes, we’ll be checking on a daily basis to bring you the best deals as we find them. A bean bag chair would make a perfect Christmas or holiday gift for a loved one, and there’s no point paying full price if you can get a deep discount!

Bookmark this page and make sure you come back in November 2022 to find the best Black Friday bean Bag chair prices and promotions…

Bean Bag Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Buyer Guide

What should you look for when buying a bean bag chair? Here are some things to take into consideration:

Who is the bean bag chair for?

  • A kid? A nice small chair will do. Some can even be used as storage for stuffed animals! With all sorts of designs from animal prints to abstract patterns and lots of cover options, there’s something to suit everyone.
  • A student? Most would love a giant bean bag chair but make sure it’ll fit in their dorm room!
  • For gaming? Is it sturdy enough for long hours of usage with good back support. There are bean bag chairs actually designed for gaming. Here’s our favorite.
  • For yourself? Will it suit your décor? If you’ve got a family will it withstand regular use from kids and adults (maybe even pets)?

What kind of cover do you want?

There are lots of different fabrics that you can choose from – fur, microsuede, chenille etc. Lots of different colors too. We recommend looking for a bean bag chair with a removable cover that is machine washable. With regular usage (particularly if you have kids and/or pets in the house) the cover can get grubby looking over time.

What filling would you like?

Different types of bean bag filler can have a different feel to it.

Some feel more cosy and luxurious than others e.g. recycled memory foam pieces like those in the Ultimate Sack or Lovesac.

High density beads like those in the Moon Pod can give the sensation of floating when you’re lying on them (mimicking flotation therapy). They’re also great for ergonomic support if you suffer from back or neck pain.

Also many regular bean bag chairs contain recycled polystyrene â€“ it’s cheaper and not as good quality as the others.

What kind of floor space do you have available?

There are bean bag chairs available in almost any size, but many people choose the giant bean bag chairs as they can be used almost like a sofa (6ft can usually fit 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 kids). Or of course, you can just lie on it by yourself! They take up quite a bit of space though (particularly the round ones) so you need to make sure you have enough floor space to accommodate the bean bag chair of your choice. Of course, there are plenty of smaller, more compact ones available if you’re short on space.

Will you want to sleep on it?

Not all bean bag chairs are suitable for sleeping (unless it’s a quick nap). You can nap on most of them, but if you want to sleep longer you’ll want one that’s big enough to stretch out on (6ft or bigger). While you can sleep on the Moon Pod, we find it a bit short for maximum comfort. Our favorite bean bag for sleeping on is the Yogibo Max or the Cordaroy’s bean bag chair which can actually be converted into a bed!

What is the best bean bag chair to buy for Black Friday?

Lovesac – The High End Brand

If you’re looking for sheer luxury and can afford one, a Lovesac Sac would seem to be the obvious choice. They have everything from the BigOne, to the Moviesac, to the Gamersac, so they have something for everyone. Many people would say they’re hugely overpriced (it’s true, they probably are!), but the Black Friday Lovesac sale makes them more accessible. Even with the sale price though, you could still be paying up to 4 figures!

They’re far from the only bean bag chair in town, though.

There are plenty of options that are just as good, and maybe even better, depending on what you want the bean bag chair for.

What are black Friday Sales

Black Friday is an annual shopping event that takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is considered to be one of the biggest sales days of the year, with stores often offering steep discounts on items ranging from electronics and clothing to toys and sporting goods. Many retailers open their doors early on Black Friday, offering doorbuster deals and special promotions throughout the day. Despite its popularity, many stores still observe traditional holiday hours on Black Friday, closing at midnight or earlier.

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Moon Pod Top Bean Bag Deals

The Moon Pod is our favorite pick for someone looking for an ergonomic chair zero gravity bean bag chair (great for pains and aches) that is sturdy yet comfortable and feels lighter than air when you’re lying on it. It’s super comfortable but small and portable enough for the smallest of spaces, and easy to move around. You can use it to lie on, recline, or even sit up to watch TV, or work on a laptop.

Ultimate Sack Black Friday Deal

The Ultimate Sack is our favorite Lovesac alternative and has some fantastic deals for Black Friday. It’s made with the same kind of filling (recycled foam remnants) so if you were to sit on each and compare them, you’d find it hard to tell the difference. The Ultimate Sack is available on Amazon in a variety of sizes, colors, and fabrics (suede or fur). The Ultimate Sack 6000 is the biggest and most popular fit for the whole family. It might not be quite as high-end looking as the Lovesac but you’ll be shocked at the price when you compare the two – it’s A LOT cheaper! The Ultimate Sack is fantastic for money, so it’s worth checking out.

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CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Chair/Bed

CordaRoy’s Bean Bag chair can be converted into a bed, which makes it a great alternative to an air mattress when having guests stay. Or you could just sleep on it yourself occasionally if you want to fall asleep watching a movie. It’s not for every night sleeping because as a mattress it’ll get flat and less comfortable eventually, but it’s perfect for now and again.

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Yogibo Max

Our final pick is the Yogibo Max, which is a similar price to the Ultimate Sack. This is one of our favorite large bean bags for sleeping, reading, and watching TV, and is the perfect addition to the family room. It’s a very good price, comes in different designs, and is usually 15% off for Black Friday and the Cyber Monday sale.

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In conclusion

Black Friday is a great time to find some fantastic furniture deals on the top-rated bean bag chairs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gaming chair, a cosy piece of furniture for your living room, or are just in need of a new student seat, there’s something available that will meet your needs and budget. Check out any of our links above to see all the different types of bean bag chairs available at competitive prices. Whether you want a giant bean bag, a lounger bean bag chair, kid’s bean bags or more, bean bag chair Black Friday deals are the cheapest you’ll find all year. So if you’re looking to buy one for yourself or as a gift, now’s the time to get shopping!

See the latest prices and live deals on a wide range of bean bags on Amazon’s Black Friday page. Also, see Walmart’s Black Friday deals.