Eva Beads

Have you heard about EVA Beads? Let me fill you in. they are a super fun and unique way to add vibrant color and texture to your crafting! Experimenting with different combinations of beads is a great way to create endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking to make jewelry, decorations, accessories, or something completely original, there’s always something special that can be created with EVA Beads. These colorful beads may be tiny but they sure have lots of potentials!

Moon Pillow Has Eva Beads

Moon Pillow has EVS Beads

Eva Beads are tiny plastic beads that can be used as air fresheners. To do this, place them inside a zip lock bag and add up to 20-30% of your desired fragrance/essential oil, as well as a small amount of liquid dye. Seal the bag and carefully massage the contents together until evenly distributed. Allow the mixture to cure, which may take up to 6 months depending on the type of scent used.

Sarah Williams