How to clean yogibo bean bag

Wanna know How to clean yogibo bean bag? Let’s keep your Yogibo feeling good and looking great with our easy-to-follow care instructions. Have fun playing around, because the more you use it, the softer Your Yogibo will become! If need be we also have tips to make sure its extra soft or help if it’s gotten a little dirty along the way – remember that only here can you get all of Sthe official advice for maintaining your special friend.

Come Clean!

Keep your Yogibo looking like new! To make sure it stays in tip-top shape, zip off the outer cover and give it a cold water wash with similar colors. Tumble dry on low heat before turning the cover inside out and matching up each corner to your Yogibo.

Once you have flipped the fabric right side out again, stuff those cushy pillows into their cozy home one at time – working slowly so that everything fits perfectly once zipped back up again!

Sometimes liquid can get into the inner liner. If that happens, remove the cover and let the inner air dry. You can speed up the process by having a fan blow on it. While the beads are non-porous, moving the bag regularly will aerate the beads and ensure uniform drying.

Is your Yogibo hungry?

Keep your Yogibo cozy and comfortable with a delicious meal of replacement beads! Whether you visit one of our many stores, or order online here – make sure to provide nutrition for the most delightful comfort around.

With normal use and care your Yogibo will last for several years. There is a warranty on the zipper and seams. This warranty is applicable for the continental US and Canada only.

If you have any questions not answered here, give us a buzz at (877) 964-4266.

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