Moon Pillow

The Moon Pillow is not your average crescent moon-shaped pillow, as that is suitable for…This is the real deal and I’m assuming when you searched Google you were after something comfy like this.

The Moon Pod Pillow

The famous Moon Pod relaxation technology is now in pillow form for the deepest sleep you’ll ever experience. This 4 Dimensional innovation delivers an exceptional sensory experience to calm your busy mind and lull you into a deep sleep.

Moon Pillow

Key Features

  • Moon Pod custom micro-bead and dual membrane technology
  • Adaptive design is perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Sensory properties to calm the nervous system and promote deep sleep
  • For anxiety, ADHD, stress, and deep sleep

1. Thousands of Micro-Beads

Moon Pod 4D is made up of high-density EVA beads. Rather than compressing like traditional down, these conform to your body for maximum support.

2. Dual Membrane for Support

The Moon Pod 4D has a silky interior and seamless exterior for enhanced support and comfort over traditional pillows.

3. Sensory Technology

The 4D Pillow adapts and responds to your body for total sensory relief, nurturing a meditative state seen to help with ADHD and anxiety.

4. Custom Ergonomic Design

Moon Pod 4D’s size, shape, and structure set it apart from traditional pillows, as it’s designed to cradle your body in various sleeping positions.

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