Moon Pod Review

Moon Pod Review – Awesome Bean Bag Chair (But Not For Everyone)

I decided to write a review of Moon Pod because I’ve been searching for a cozy and comfortable living room chair. Unfortunately, none of the options I’ve tried so far have quite hit the mark. They’re either too bulky for my taste or lack the comfort I desire.

As someone who battles anxiety, I was curious whether the Moon Pod could provide a zero-gravity experience at home. To discover if this furniture is truly as unique as they say, keep reading for my full Moon Pod review!

That’s why I decided to write a review of the 2023 Moon Pod Chair based on my own experience, which has been nothing short of outstanding. Here’s why!

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Moon Pod Reviews: Live Video Experience

Why Would You Want a Moon Pod Chair?

Sitting on the Moon Pod is an out-of-this-world experience! I felt completely weightless, my heavier bits lovingly cradled by the plush filling. It’s like being suspended in a cloud or experiencing anti-gravity without all the astronaut training.

When I saw this Moonpod com zero gravity product advertised online, it seemed the perfect solution! It is big enough for me to stretch out on and provides me with all the comfort I need. The best part about it is that when you are done, it’s small enough to store away easily without taking up much space, super thoughtful!

My husband isn’t as much of a fan (you’ll find out why later if you read on). In this Moon Pod review we’re going to take a closer look at this product and see if it’s suitable for YOU…

But it’s not going to be perfect for everyone!

Husband is too tall for the Moonpod

The sensation of the Moon Pod varied depending on the position I was in. When I sat at a 90-degree angle, my head and shoulders rose well above the top of the Moon Pod. As I’m a medium-sized fella coming in at 6 feet, I felt It was the perfect size for me. However, anyone taller than 6′ 2″ would probably beg to differ.

I experienced ultimate weightlessness when lounging on the Moon Pod; it was like floating in midair! Its fill material perfectly molded to my lower back, while its head and neck support gave me an increased sense of security. With this superior comfort system, relaxation has reached a whole new level.

Ryan my husband enjoying his Moon Pod Chair

Moon Pod’s Core Benefits:

  • Functional Design: The Moon Pod Chair has designed the outer cover to blend into any interior. It’s machine-washable and pet friendly.
  • Weightless Comfort: Think if a couch had thousands of mini micro-cushions to support every part of your body equally. The result is true weightlessness like you’re floating on the moon.
  • Reactive Ergonomic Support: I sit into thousands of high-density microbeads that actively shape my unique body for personalized, perfectly even support. No matter my size or shape, Moon Pods can morph into three different positions: sit, recline, or lay down.
  • Storage is easy: I can store my Moon Pod away in a corner or closet when I’m fully rested. It’s incredibly lightweight, weighing only 13 pounds (5.9 kg), and dense enough that it stands up on its own, taking up less than four square feet of space.

Moonpod Customer Reviews


My family recently purchased a nocturnal moon pod chair, which has been a game-changer for all of us! The chair’s ergonomic design provides excellent support and comfort, helping to alleviate any back or neck pain. We love how lightweight and versatile it is. We can easily move it from room to room, or even take it outdoors. It’s perfect for watching movies or gaming and curling up with a good book.

Jill Founder

Happy Mother

Moon Pod Chair

What is the Moon Pod Made of?

The Moon Pod bean bag chair is made up of a synthetic stretchy polyester fiber cover and a zipper for easy removal to clean it in your washing machine. I’ve washed mine a few times and I can report that the cover holds up well in a normal cold water wash, with a cool tumble dry.

The Moon Pod filling is made up of custom high-friction, high-density beads made of expanded polystyrene. These are lightweight and mould around your body to support you in whatever position you wish to sit – you can sit up (for working, watching TV, reading etc.), recline, or even lie down for a nap.

The design and materials used in the Moon Pod chair

The Moon Pod chair is designed to be a comfortable and relaxing bean bag chair that can be used for a medley of purposes, including sitting, reclining, and lying down. It has a unique “capsule pill” shape and is made of a synthetic stretchy polyester fiber cover that can be easily removed and washed in a machine.

The Moon Pod chair filling comprises custom high-friction, high-density beads made of expanded polystyrene, which are lightweight and molded around the body to provide support in any position. The design of the Moon Pod chair is meant to provide ergonomic support and alleviate back and neck pain, and the materials used are intended to be durable and long-lasting.

Design and Comfort Features

The Moon Pod Chair is crafted from high-quality materials that are designed to comfortably mold to your body shape while providing excellent support. It has an impressive weight capacity of up to 250 lbs and measures 27 inches wide by 43 inches deep by 40 inches tall, making it suitable for almost any user.

The Good (What I love about the Moon Pod)

This is my favorite part…there’s so much to love about this bean bag chair!

Ergonomic support

First and foremost, it has great support. You can easily sit up properly and use it as a chair when you’re not lounging and it is sturdy enough to support the sitting position well. I like to use it when working on my laptop; not all beanbag chairs can facilitate that. Most other bean bag chairs are only suitable for reclining and lounging rather than sitting up. Of course, you can recline or lie down too on the Moon Pod. Its ergonomic design makes it a good option for those with back and neck pain.

The Moon Pod Chair is a revolutionary seating option designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. This ergonomically-designed chair features memory foam cushioning to support your lumbar curve.

What’s the difference between a Moon Pod and a bean bag chair?

A Moon Pod and a bean bag chair sound like pretty comfy places to lay down and relax, but there’s quite a difference between them. The Moon Pod is engineered for optimal comfort and provides real body-mapping support that contours to your shape. On the other hand, a bean bag chair is more of an all-over cushion that disperses pressure more evenly across the body, creating a nurturing feeling in which you can fully release into ultimate relaxation mode. Deciding on which cozy cloud of perfection to get could be tough unless you decide precisely how soft and supported you want to feel while taking some much-needed downtime.

Customer Reviews

Moon Pod Review Tania

I love my Moon Pod. I purchased this pod for my mom’s room… a place where I meditate and relax from the rest of the family. I bought all three pieces. This is well worth the initial investment. This chair feels terrific. It nestles every part of my body. You descend into the chair without feeling the bottom. The beads supply reinforcement without discomfiting aching areas. The neck support is a must if you wish to relax and recline.

This bean bag chair is also comfortable for my husband as well. I have loved this chair from the beginning. On the other hand, my husband is a super cynical, type A, never relaxed type of guy. He is also a permanent and total 100% disabled vet. He has back, knee, and mobility issues. It took me around two weeks to convince him to sit in the chair. He sat down and completely melted into the chair. The chair gave him support where he needed it. He relaxed for an hour. It’s the first chair we have that does not cause him any pain. I purchased this for myself, but seeing him comfortable without pain meds is an extraordinary bonus.


Happy Moon Pod com

Light and portable

The Moon Pod chair also has a nice weight you can move and position the chair in any way you want. It weighs only 12 pounds, although there may be a slight variance as these are all hand-filled rather than machine-filled. Even a child will find it easy to move around at this weight.

Removable, machine washable cover

The Moon Pod bean bag chair also has a zipper on the bottom of the bean bag that opens up for you to easily remove all of the beans when the cover needs to be cleaned or replaced. This makes it super convenient because a dog sometimes gets hair on my chair! It’s machine washable in a cold wash with similar colors.

Nice variety of colors is available

It comes in various adorable pastel colors like cosmic ash, Neptune blue, rose quartz, and moon indigo that would suit most interiors.

Low to the ground

My kids and dog love that it’s so low to the floor as they can sit next to me. The kids get storytime or we can play games together. My dog likes to lie next to me on his own mini bean bag (not a Moon Pod!)

If you’re looking for a super comfortable way for your little one or cat to stay seated, the moon pod zero gravity bean bag chair is the perfect solution to your needs! This comfy chair has a low height, making it the ideal size for smaller folks and even four-legged friends. Best of all, its low center of gravity makes it incredibly stable–so even if your child decides to stand on it or your pet decides to make it their new scratching post, there won’t be any repercussions from an overturned seat.

Suitable for outdoors (outdoor cover not included)

I haven’t used mine outdoors, but you can because there’s an outdoor cover available on the official website. It’s expensive at $149 (currently reduced to $99) but worth it if you wanted to use it outside a lot – e.g. in the garden, by the pool, or at the beach.

Celebrities love it too!

Not that it matters unless you’re interested in celebrity culture, but if you enjoy poking around Instagram you’ll find that there are a few celebrities that are also enjoying their Moon Pod’s. Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Mike Chandler, and Dave Portnoy to name just a few.

Interior Designers are using this in projects

Interior designer Wesley Moon is using this item of furniture in his latest projects, incorporating style, luxury, and comfort for his latest client’s stunning bedrooms.

A Bean bag chair isnt something that i would usually use in my designs, however the sleek design and comfort of the Moon Pod just made complete sense in this situation

Wesley Moon. Interior Designer

The Bad (Why it might not work for you):

But it’s not going to be perfect for everyone!

My husband isn’t as much of a fan (you’ll find out why later if you read on). In this Moon Pod review, we’ll look closely at this product and see if it suits YOU.

A Moon Pod review wouldn’t be complete without the bad bits, so here they are:

Not so great for taller people

I like the bean bag chair and find it’s perfect for my height, but I don’t think it’s made for tall people. My husband is over 6ft and finds it quite short. For that reason, he prefers the Yogibo Max (see our Moon Pod vs Yogibo comparison) which is quite a bit longer and offers more support under his long legs. Having said that, Moon Pod themselves claim that they’ve tested it with people of all shapes and sizes and a height of up to 6’8″ – all of whom found it comfortable. Maybe my husband is just picky, but I can see his point as I’ve seen a few other tall people say the same!

Hard to get out of if you’ve got poor mobility

If you’ve got poor mobility, you might find getting up from the chair challenging as it’s pretty low to the floor, mainly if you use it in the lying position. I’ve seen a few Moon Pod reviews from older users or those with an injury who found it tricky to get out of it and stand up. You might have to kind of roll over onto your knees to get off the chair and then stand up.

How much does a moon pod cost

The Moon Pod cost is between $299 to $350 USD and the price varies depending on where you purchase it from or if they have a sale. These seats are more expensive due to the High-Friction Custom Beads.

Moon Pod Price

We have listed 2 prices for the Moon pod one is from Amazon and the other is directly from the original website.

Not the cheapest bean bag

How much is a Moonpod? It’s quite expensive for a bean bag chair, but I’m happy with the purchase. If you can afford it, I think it’s a great buy and I expect it to last a long time. If you’re on a budget though, there are other cheaper bean bag chairs out there for nearly half the price. price comparisons

The price is listed compared to the other bean bag chairs in the competition.

Floorspace4 Sq Ft25 Sq Ft10 Sq Ft7.2 Sq Ft
FillHigh-Friction Custom BeadsMix Of Miscellaneous FoamLow-Quality Recycled PolystyreneN/A
Weight12 Lbs45 Lbs18 Lbs88 Lbs

Customer service…

Fortunately, I’ve never had the “pleasure” of contacting customer service, but I’ve done enough research on this product to see some issues in this respect. People who’ve decided they wanted a refund haven’t always found it easy to get one, leading to disappointment and frustration in the company. Unfortunately, this is common with newer companies, and covid certainly hasn’t helped. Make sure you’re 100% sure about your purchase before you buy so that you don’t have to deal with the stress of seeking a refund because you changed your mind.

Moon Pod Weight Limit

The official website states that there is a weight limit of 300 lbs. As it is quite a small bean bag, anyone over this weight should consider one of the larger bean bags on the market.

Weightless Zero Gravity Chair?

Zero gravity chairs, like the Moon Pod chair, are designed to mimic the sensation of weightlessness and support the spine’s natural curvature. This can help to reduce muscle tension and strain on the back and neck, making them a good option for those who experience pain or discomfort in these areas. The reclined position of a zero gravity chair can also encourage blood flow and improve circulation, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Additionally, the comfortable and supportive design of a zero gravity chair may help to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm. Overall, zero gravity chairs can be a useful tool for managing pain and stress in a comfortable and supportive way.

Click here to check out the price

Final Thoughts

The Moon Pod Chair is a high-quality bean bag chair that can be used for many purposes. It’s great to use for relaxing, reading or working on the computer. If you are looking for something more comfortable than your average recliner or sofa, this may just be what you’ve been searching for! It’s also smaller, lighter and can be used anywhere without taking up much space. I’d absolutely buy this again, and my children and dog agree.

My only complaint is that Moonpod don’t put on the outer cover before they ship, so you have to do that yourself. It’s pretty easy to do though and simple enough that you don’t need instructions.

This also makes an excellent gift idea it would work nicely in any home and will last through years of frequent use by all family members even if they have different needs (e.g., kids who want to play games while adults read). I love that it’s a chair that can help with problems like back and neck pain because it moulds around you and supports your body.

So here’s my Moonpod recommendation:

Buy it…

  • if you’re looking for a sturdy, ergonomic but super comfortable chair for working, studying, or to support a bad back.
  • if you want to relieve back and neck pain. Bean bag chairs aren’t usually a great option for those who suffer with back problems because they lack support. The Moon Pod offers strong ergonomic support for your back and neck, moulding to your body and not putting pressure on pain points.
  • if you’re looking for a portable bean bag chair with the “sensations of flotation therapy” to lie down or reline on for yourself, for the kids or even for a pet (just be aware, the Moon Pod cover does attract pet hair, but is washable).
  • if your available space is small, because the Moon Pod takes up very little space. Plus it can be stored upright in a small corner of the room.

Avoid it:

  • if you’re tall (over 6ft) as you may find it a bit short – I’d recommend the Yogibo Max if you’re looking for something similar but longer.
  • if you’re suffering from mobility problems. You might find it quite hard to get up from it! Not impossible, but you might be better off with a bean bag chair that’s not so low to the ground.
  • if you’re looking for more “bang for your buck, ” cheaper bean bag chairs are available. Check out the alternative cheaper options on Amazon.
  • if you mainly want it for sleeping or napping then I’d say it might be a bit too short – it’s ok for the occasional nap but I don’t like the way my legs hang off the end. I much prefer the reclining and sitting positions.
  • if you’re not 100% certain this is the bean bag for you. You don’t want to get into dealing with customer service if you don’t have to.

Check price (and read customer reviews)

Have You Tried It?

We want to know what our readers think about the Moon pod. Have you used it before, and if so what were your thoughts on this product? Is it the best bean bag pod or are there better available? We would love for everyone to share their experiences with us!

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