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Welcome to Relax Comfy, a community where indulging in high-quality and affordable furniture doesn’t have to be time-consuming and frustrating.

We publish information on the best options when purchasing Bean bag chairs, sofas, and a variety of furniture-related information that can help you make informed decisions and get comfy quickly and easily.

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Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

My name is Sarah Williams and I’m a wife and mum of two. I worked for several years as a teacher, but my favorite hobby has always been writing, and currently studying to become a sleep specialist at Sydney University.

Although I’m a stay-at-home mum at the moment, I like to blog on the side about my hobbies and things I enjoy.

I’m a self-confessed comfort addict! My house is full of cozy furnishings I’ve picked up over the years, which I love relaxing on after a hard day. My absolute favorite item at the moment is a bean bag chair, so I’m starting this blog with reviews of some of the best bean bag chairs! My kids absolutely love them too (as does my dog, who has a small one of his own) There are some really affordable ones available and they make a fantastic gift for a loved one (or to yourself!) View Sarahs full profile here