Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chair

Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chair: The Ultimate Review

Last updated on August 18th, 2023 at 02:05 am

I’m ready to relax like never before. The Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chair has the perfect solution! From the cozy omni size all the way up to the massive Maximus and Titanium chairs, I’ll feel right at home. Their unbeatable selection of premium Sumo Beanbags will have me feeling fabulous in no time.

Transform your space into the ultimate chill zone! Let Sumo bean bags be your ticket to relaxation and envy-inducing style. Kick back with friends or cozy up for a movie night and experience unbeatable comfort while you accomplish new high scores in games and level up on entertainment.

Lounge Gamer by Sumo Beanbags

Sumo Gamer Bean bag Chair

Top Quality Gaming Bean Bags

You need comfort, you want to style. Sumo Gamer is the best video game furniture money can buy. And at Sumo bean bags, the prices are so low that getting a terrific bean bag chair will not cost you an arm and a leg. The ultimate bean bag chair for gaming and relaxing awaits you.

The Gamer Ultimate Video Game Furniture

  • The Gamer Video Game Chair Measures 48″ X 48″ X 30″
  • 50 pounds
  • The removable micro-suede bean bag cover zips off to machine wash
  • Many snazzy colors to choose from for your video game furniture
  • This bean bag chair stays fluffy and full, and will never go flat
  • Filled with 100% Superior SumoFoam
  • Perfectly sized for “kids” of all ages

The world’s most stylishly comfortable bean bag chairs come to you with free shipping and $200 off our competitors’ prices. What exactly are you waiting for? Pick up the ultimate piece of children’s video game furniture today and watch happily as your young ones enjoy their new bean bag chair.

Weight50 Pounds
CompositionsFilled with Superior Sumofoam
PropertiesSeats Adults
Other DetailsSumo Bean Bag Chair may need to be filled.

That is precisely what I desired!

C. Knight on Jul 12, 2021

I wanted a comfy spot to sit in for my music studio, and this exceeded anticipations. My mate has another brand that costs so much more so I think the Sumo bean bag pales in comparison”

Sumo Bean Bag Gigantor

Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chair Giganto

Sumo Gigantor – The Best Beanbag Chair

What can we really tell you about this giant beanbag chair? It’s right there in the name Sumo Gigantor. This beanbag chair is huge, enormous, dare we say gigantic. We should probably classify this product as a giant bean bag couch rather than just a chair. Looking for larger-than-life furniture? You’ve found it!

Sumo Giant Bean Bags Conquer

  • Our Big Beanbag Chairs measure 6ft in diameter x 3ft high
  • Weight: 80 Pounds
  • The removable micro-suede cover zips off to machine wash
  • Many hugely popular color choices for your giant bean bag chair
  • Stays fluffy and full, will never go flat
  • Our gigantic bean bags are made with 100% Superior SumoFoam

Get free shipping on this giant beanbag chair and $400 off our competitors’ price (yeah, ours are better than LoveSac beanbag chairs). The Sumo Gigantor kind of makes you think that regular couches are for suckers. Pick up one or more giant bean bags today and become the envy of loved ones and friends.

Weight75 Pounds
CompositionsFilled with Superior Sumofoam
PropertiesSeats 2-3 Adults
Other Details

The most fantastic bean bag ever created.

S.Maloy on Aug 18, 2022

The Sumo Chair is the most outstanding bean bag ever constructed.
I clean the cover and it’s fresh again. Purchasing a few more soon

Sumo Titanium Bean Bags

Sumo Titanium Bean Bags

The Gigantic Bean Bag Chair

What’s bigger and better than the Sumo Titan, the Sumo Titanium! This gigantic bean bag chair is a whopping 90 long and can easily accommodate 2 people.

  • This is the perfect chair to cuddle up with your partner for movie night! The Sumo Titan Weighs 85 lbs
  • Is 90″ long x 48″ wide x 34″ high
  • Many Colors Available
  • Removable & Washable Covers
  • Extra length for lying down
  • Stays full and fluffy
  • Free Shipping (as always!)
Weight85 Pounds
CompositionsFilled with Superior Sumofoam
PropertiesSeats 3-4 Adults
Other DetailsNA

Strength and softness are amazing

Emily Maxwell on Apr 26, 2019

I Fell in love with the bean bag straight away, they were so comfy, and I was ingrained by the resilience of the fabric and stitching

Final Thoughts

Customers at Sumo Lounge can take pride in finding the best bean bags for sale anywhere in the world. Their selection of bean bag chairs is unmatched, with a deep variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes available.

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