How Much Is A Bean Bag Chair In 2023? Cost Comparison

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How much does a bean bag chair cost? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this article.

There are plenty of options on the market right now, with a wide range of fabrics, fillings, shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that suits your budget.

They’re not the cheapest furnishings, but when you consider that a bean bag chair can be used in place of a recliner or even a couch, you’ll see that they can be a relatively reasonable investment.

Plus a bean bag chair is portable, so you can use it anywhere indoors and you can shape it to suit your space and preferred sitting position.

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How much does a bean bag chair cost in 2022? (Average price)

how much does a bean bag costCost of a small bean bag

A small bean bag is usually 3-4ft and is suitable for one kid or one adult. It’s more popular as a kids size though as 5ft or 6ft is more suited to adults who want to kick back and relax in comfort. Small bean bag chairs usually range from about $80 – $150.

Medium bean bag price

A medium-large bean bag is about 5ft – 6ft and these are generally priced from $150 – $300. If you want good quality that lasts you probably don’t want to look for one that’s TOO cheap. On a medium bean bag chair, 2 kids can sit comfortably, or one 1 adult and 1 kid. 2 adults could squeeze onto a 6ft bag sitting close together.

Giant bean bag price

A giant bean bag is anything over 6ft. 7.5ft or even 8ft are popular giant bean bag sizes. On average they range in price from $350 – $600. These are pretty huge though so if you’re looking to invest in one, make sure you have enough space!

Although the above prices are average for some of the most popular brands, there are some more premium brands that have significantly higher prices. Take a look at the Lovesac for example:


Yogibo Max Chair


  • Full Body
  • Holds Multiple People
  • Washable Cover
  • Ultra-portable
  • Great Reviews
Moon Pod Chair

Editors Choice

  • Full Body
  • Personalized Support
  • Working, Chill, Powernap
  • Don’t Sink
  • Well Priced

How much is a Lovesac Sac?

Lovesac is probably the most expensive brand I’ve come across for bean bag chairs. They’re marketed as a high-end, premium product, and they call their Sac’s “The World’s Most Comfortable Seat”.

Are Lovesac Sac’s really the closest you’ll get to sitting on an actual cloud?

They are indeed VERY comfortable, but with a starting price of $600 for their cheapest Gamersac Sac (which is only 2’6″ – best for kids) and up to $1650 for their 6ft giant BigOne, not everyone will be able to afford one.

The reality is that there are PLENTY of cheaper Lovesac alternatives out there (at a third of the price). Unless you were to test sitting on both, one after the other, you’re unlikely to even notice the difference. If you do however want the biggest brand name, and can afford one, then check out Lovesac products.

How much is a Moon Pod bean bag chair?

moon pod

The Moon Pod has fast become one of the most popular bean bags on the market. Known for its zero-gravity technology, sitting or lying on the bean bag feels almost like you’re floating. Perfect for de-stressing and relaxing, it adapts to your body shape and movement for the ultimate sitting experience.

But how much does the Moon Pod cost?

It’s not the cheapest on the market, but it’s not the most expensive either – I guess you could call it a mid range price. The Moon Pod retails at $399 (currently $299 with 25% off offer).

Taking up just 4ft square space, it’s perfect for easy storage and smaller spaces. If you prefer a giant bean bag chair though this might not be for you.

Although the Moon Pod itself is $299, it does have other accessories that you may want to invest in which could bump the price up quite a bit. There is a waterproof cover available ($99) if you want to use it outdoors. The Moon Pod Crescent, an ergonomic backrest, which can be used with the Moon Pod (or anywhere else in your home) costs $129. Also, the Lunar Lift foot rest is available if you prefer to put your feet up while relaxing ($129).

Why are bean bags so expensive?

Many people look for bean bag furniture thinking they’ll be a cheap option, but that’s not always the case. In fact, bean bags are often far more expensive than people expect. So why ARE bean bags so expensive?

Type of fabric and filling

The type of fabric and filling used will have a huge bearing on the price. Some of the fabrics used for bean bags are leather, cotton, vinyl, corduroy, nylon, suede, velvet, and polyester (among others). Different fabrics have different advantages e.g. more durable, waterproof, etc., and some will be more expensive than others.

The filling most commonly used for bean bags today is EPS beads (polystyrene) and shredded memory foam blends. Shredded memory foam is extremely comfortable, durable and long lasting, but also very expensive. Many of the most popular bean bag manufacturers use this today. EPS beads are cheaper but they have the advantage of being lighter and easily mold to the shape of the body for good support and comfort.


Also the size makes a difference to the price. The bigger your bean bag chair, the more fabric and filling that need to be used. A 6ft bean bag could weigh as much as 80lbs, and if it was filled with a shredded memory foam blend, (which can cost as much a $40 per lbs at retail price) you can see why it can be so expensive. Because of the cost of bean bag filling, it’s not even necessarily cheaper to make your own bean bag!

Quality = Expense

Many cheaper bean bags get bad reviews because they use less filling. If a bean bag chair doesn’t have enough filling, you may end up sinking into it and even touching the floor. For optimum comfort, you need to have an adequate amount of filling.

A quality bean bag chair will have double stitching to make it more durable and long-lasting. It should also have a liner (which holds the eps beads/memory foam filler) inside the bean bag so that the cover can be removed to be washed. Child-proof bean bag safety zippers should be used to ensure that children can’t unzip the bean bag. All these features will add to the expense of a bean bag, but are all important features.

Final thoughts

Now that we’ve looked at how much is a bean bag chair, you know what price to expect and the different factors that might affect the price. There are many retailers online selling a wide range of bean bags in all sizes, shapes, fabrics and even with different types of filling. Whether you want a bean bag for your living room or a dorm room, for gaming, reading or just for lounging, there should a bean bag with a price to suit your needs.

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