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Moon Pod vs Yogibo Comparison: Which Should You Choose?

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If you’re looking to buy a bean bag chair then you’ll almost certainly have heard of the brand names Moon Pod and Yogibo. In this article we’re going to compare these two top brands to see which is the best buy. They’re pretty similar, but depending on what you want to (mainly) use it for, you might end up with a preference. So Moon Pod vs Yogibo? Let’s take a closer look.

First though, a quick introduction to each:

Yogibo was invented in 2009 when CEO & founder Eyal Levy was looking for a solution to help his pregnant wife sleep more comfortably. The first Yogibo store opened a year later in Massachusetts and has since grown to over 120 retail showrooms worldwide with a wide range of products. The Yogibo is designed not only to be comfortable, but is also helpful for those with sensory issues, pain, anxiety and more.

The very similar Moon Pod came later in 2018 after creator John Fiorentino gained over 5000 backers and $1.2 million in Kickstarter funding. Marketed as a zero gravity bean bag for stress relief and relaxation, Moon Pod has quickly become one of the best known bean bag chair brands on the market.

They have a lot of similarities, but is one better than the other?

We’re going to find out…

Moon Pod vs Yogibo – What’s Similar?


polystyrene beads

Both the Yogibo and Moon Pod are filled with custom density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) beads. This is different from some of the other popular bean bag brands on the market that use shredded memory foam blends. EPS beads are designed to offer ergonomic support as they mold to the body shape and are very comfortable. They also offer a “weightless” feeling which Moon Pod describes as mimicking flotation therapy and giving a “zero gravity” experience.


Because they use the same kind of filler and have a similar soft stretchy cotton/spandex cover, they do feel pretty much the same to sit on and feel super comfortable. You really do get the cloud like experience that they talk about. I would say they’re both equally comfortable and offer good support – particularly useful if you’ve got back issues or suffer from pains and aches. However, with a slightly different size and shape most people will have a personal preference.


Both have removable machine washable covers (the beans are held safely within an inner lining). Use cold water and wash with similar colors. Tumble dry on a low heat to dry. Remember they’re not waterproof though, and neither is the lining so you do need to be careful not to spill anything on them.

Product Guarantee/Warranty

Both Moon Pod and Yogibo have a fairly limited 1 year warranty on cover seams and zippers. Replacement beads are available online on their websites. They both state that with normal usage their products should last for years. We haven’t tested whether or not this is true, but after researching other customer’s experiences we have no reason to believe they shouldn’t last a long time.

Moon Pod vs Yogibo – The Differences


Yogibo Max is 72 x 24 x 24 inches and weighs just 19lbs.

Moon Pod takes up about 4 square feet and weighs just 12lbs.

You can see the size of the two side by side here in this short comparison video:

As you can see, the Yogibo is considerably taller/longer and for many that’s a bonus. You can really stretch out when lying down and your legs won’t be dangling off the end.

If you’re a larger adult, or taller than average, you might find the Moon Pod quite short. Your legs may stretch out beyond the end, and there might possibly not be enough support for your head/neck if you’ve got a long upper body. On the plus side, because it’s smaller it takes up less overall space if you’ve only got limited space, and stores away easier.

Yogibo does NOT have a weight limit but Moon Pod has a weight limit of 300 lbs.


Here’s one of the biggest differences.

The Moon Pod is generally more expensive Check Moon Pod price

The Yogibo Max costs A LOT less (check today’s price Yogibo) even though it’s the bigger bean bag.

So realistically you’re getting more value for money with Yogibo. The Moon Pod is a good product, but in many people’s opinion it’s overpriced for what it is. If you do buy, try and get it when it’s on sale.

Seating Positions

Both bean bags can be adapted into different positions for different purposes:

  • Upright chair position (for working, gaming etc.)

For me, the Moon Pod is the winner in this position. It’s got really good support for sitting up using a laptop, reading etc. The Yogibo can do an upright position but you can’t really lean back – you’d need to place it against a wall to maintain the position.

  • Recline position (for relaxing)

Both are very comfortable in this position. Either would make a good lounger.

  • Lay down position (for sleeping)
guy lying on moonpod
Lying down on the Moonpod

I think the Moon Pod falls short in this position because it just feels strange to lie down and sleep with your legs hanging off the end. It’s just my personal preference, but I like the length of the Yogibo Max better for sleeping. It just feels more normal to have the support of the bean bag under my legs. Plenty of customers don’t mind this though and sleep just fine on the Moon Pod – you do get that fabulously comfortable weightless feeling, especially when you close your eyes.

The Moon Pod does have a foot rest available which will raise your feet up. This would fix the lack of length problem and takes it to next level in terms of comfort.

Customer Service

Both companies offer a minimal 14 day returns policy (if you change your mind you must return the product within 14 days of delivery). That really isn’t a lot of time, and would probably put some people off returning.

According to some of the comments on Moon Pod’s Trustpilot page it is NOT easy to get a timely response (or sometimes ANY response) from their customer service. They don’t have a number to contact – only email.

Yogibo’s customer service department is more accessible and can be contacted by email, live chat and they also have a telephone number.

With the return shipping cost AND their 25% restocking fees unfortunately you won’t be getting 100% of your money back (no matter which company you buy from), so make sure you’re absolutely sure before you buy either product.

Yogibo versus Moon Pod – Which Should You Choose?

kid gaming
Moon Pod as a gaming chair

If you’re buying for your kids, then either would be perfect. If you’re buying for yourself then you may have some preferences.

Personally, I liked the Yogibo better for lounging, sleeping, watching TV and relaxing.

For working on my laptop though, I preferred the Moon Pod as it’s just more stable and supportive in the upright sitting position.

For overall value and affordability, you can’t beat the Yogibo Max. It’s significantly cheaper than the Moon Pod and when you compare them side by side, it really is very similar in comfort and feel.

If affordability is your main criteria when considering the Yogibo vs Moon Pod, then this bean bag wins hands down. It’s on Amazon in a variety of different colors:

Moon Pod Crescent Back Rest

If you can afford it though, there’s a lot going for the Moon Pod IF you add some of the extra accessories. For example the Lunar Lift zero gravity foot rest extends the overall length for more comfortable sitting, lounging or sleeping.  Also, the Crescent back rest offers great ergonomic support (particularly for those with back pain) and can turn the Moon Pod almost into a very comfortable armchair/recliner. Add up the cost of the three items together though and you’re looking at nearly twice the price (and that’s when its on sale).

It’s quite a hefty price tag, but it’s a good option for those with back/neck pain who need optimum support.  Remember it has a 300lb weight limit, and maybe isn’t as suitable for the taller person (there isn’t an official height limit though).

Where can you buy?

Yogibo products are available on Amazon here (our favorite is the Yogibo Max)

Moon Pod products can be purchased on Amazon here

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