Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed Review

Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed Review: Better Than An Air Mattress?

Just a little update on our Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed review. Yep, This is a bean bag that turns into a bed, and vice versa? A convertible bean bag can be turned into a bed in my humble opinion, this is the perfect space and money saver!

In this article, you’ll learn more about the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed, its features, pros, and cons. We’ll be looking at whether it’s good for a guest bed or sleeping on yourself. And how it compares to other spare bed options e.g. the ever-popular air mattress.

CordaRoys Bean Bag Chair

A quick history – where did the idea come from?

The creator of CordaRoy’s company started the business while he was still a college student. He came up with the idea when he needed an extra bed for some unexpected guests but only had an uncomfortable couch. He realized the insides of his bean bags were square and might be more a comfortable option. So he quickly put together a makeshift bean bag bed.

The next day, his guests were raving about how comfortable his makeshift bean bag bed was! So he ran with the idea and came up with Cordaroy’s Bean Bag Beds. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and today this is the best-selling bean bag bed on the market.

Materials used in the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed

The bed uses polyurethane foam as an inside filling. Also, the zippers are secured with clips for the safety of children.

The foam is eco-friendly as it has no ozone-depleting chemicals, TCEP flame retardants, TDCPP, PBDEs, lead, mercury, or other heavy metals. It contains no formaldehyde or phthalates and emits minimal levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, which help improves indoor air quality.

The outer cover is made from a plush chenille microfiber fabric that is soft.

First impressions

Most people would typically be surprised regarding the weight of the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed. It’s definitely heavier compared to your traditional bean bag. One reason for this is that it’s not your standard bean bag with “beans” (polystyrene beads) but has sturdier, more comfortable memory foam inside.

When you take it out of the initial packaging, you might find it underwhelming. But don’t fret! Bean bags usually take a few days (and up to a week) for the foam to expand properly. This is completely normal!

Bean bags are vacuum-packed for easier shipping, so the stuffing is tightly compressed. The foam will expand fully and fill the cover as long as you follow their instructions on how to “massage” out the clumps and “fluff it up”. This helps to decompress the foam, maximizing its volume and comfort.

For best results, you do need to take some time here – probably 45 minutes to an hour (which can be a bit tedious). It IS worth it though to make your bed as comfortable as possible!

Ease of use

The Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed is relatively easy to use as a bed. You only need to do some unzipping, remove the outer cover, and flip the inner cushion to turn it into a bed. This is so easy that even a kid could do it!

To convert it back to its original bean bag shape, you need to fold the bed and insert it back into its cover. There’s not much else to say about how to use it because it really is that simple.

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It is versatile enough to be used with or without a bed sheet.


As a bean bag chair, it’s not much different from most other bean bag chairs on the market. Yes, it’s comfortable and fun to use. Where it really shines though is the fact that it can be converted into a bed.

As a bed, it’s comfortable as well. After all, no one would build a business turning a bean bag into a bed if it wasn’t comfortable. It is crafted from memory foam that is broken up into very small pieces. It does not conform itself to the body’s shape but rather provides a gentle cushion to lie on, almost as if one were lying on a cloud.

One potential downside of the design is that the inside fillings tend to shift. It can sometimes create bulges. Fortunately, you can quickly remedy the issue by fluffing the area.

Who is the Cordaroys bean bag bed most suited to?

The bean bag chair (and bed) seats or sleeps one adult or two younger children.

Anyone of any age can comfortably sleep on it for an overnight stay or two. An adult might find the memory foam filling flattens though after a few nights and requires a bit of fluffing up before you end up too close to the ground!

Children, of course, are lighter and can use it comfortably for longer sleepovers e.g. visiting grandparents. Kids LOVE the fact that you can sit on it during the day and then make it into a bed at bedtime!

You might decide not to use it for sleeping on at all – some people use their Cordaroy’s to relax in front of the TV, for reading, gaming, or for a quick nap in the daytime.

Just remember, a bed like this is not suitable for use as a replacement mattress. While it can be used daily as a bean bag chair, as a bed it is really best for only the occasional use as it doesn’t provide enough support.

How does a bean bag bed compare to an air mattress?

Air mattresses are the usual favorite when it comes to cheap temporary bedding. They can be folded up small and take up very little space when not in use, but can be blown up into a full-size bed when required.

It is generally acknowledged that while an air mattress is pretty satisfactory for a night or two, Cordaroy’s bean bag bed reviews suggest that the bean bag is more comfortable and sturdier too. Plus, unlike an air bed, a bean bag bed won’t get punctured and lose its air overnight. It’s also much quicker to turn your bean bag chair into a bed than it is to blow up an air mattress!

A bean bag chair does take up more space of course than an uninflated air mattress, but seeing as it can be used as a chair, it is the perfect versatile addition to a bedroom, living room or kids’ play room.

The bean bag bed is also more expensive initially, but will last much longer than an air mattress so is probably a better investment for the long term.

Cordaroys reviews

This is a great product


Cordaroys review


Our daughter absolutely loves the incredible comfort of this fantastic product – she uses it every day! With its amazing quality, we were thrilled to discover that our investment was well worth it. The bean bag not only outperforms other varieties in terms of both coziness and durability but also offers an extra bonus: transforming into a bed when needed!



This is one area where the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed has a leg up compared to the regular bean bag. Many people simply use the bean bag until it’s soiled and dirty and then throw it away. This is a huge waste of money as bean bags don’t come cheap.

With Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed, you can put a bed sheet on it. Then you can wash the bed sheet to keep the bed clean longer. You can also throw the accompanying cover into the washing machine and dryer. Cordaroy’s state that their cover will remain soft and comfortable no matter how many times you wash it, which sounds pretty good if it’s true!


This product comes with a lifetime warranty from the company. They guarantee that if there is ever a problem with the product that is caused by the quality of their craftsmanship, they will fix or replace it. When it comes to a product like this one, having a warranty is essential.


  • Easy to use – when comparing it to your traditional beds, the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed is much easier to use and more mobile.
  • Washable cover – helps you save money.
  • Low maintenance – this is a breeze to maintain compared to other kinds of beds. At worst, you only need to buy some extra filling if the bed flattens after long periods of usage.
  • Reasonably priced – for its comfort and functionality, it offers good value for the money. When comparing it to the price of traditional beds, the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed is a lot cheaper.


  • Tendency to lump up – as mentioned above, the fillings inside the Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed are loose, which makes it super comfortable. Unfortunately, it is also the reason why it tends to form bulges. This is not really a big deal as you can even it out with good fluffing.
  • With Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed, unpacking it from the cover to make it into a bed is very easy. However, packing it back in to the cover to make a bean bag chair will require a little effort. It’s still quick and easy to do though.

Wrapping it all up

The Cordaroys Bean Bag Bed is a versatile piece. It can work as a standard bed or use as an oversized bean bag. However, the real question is – is it worth buying?

This bean bag bed is a high-quality product with a lifetime warranty. It’s made from eco-friendly and safe materials. It’s also known for its comfortable feel. The price is on-point and the bed should a long time if cared for according to the instructions.

Really, it all boils down to preference. And, if the budget is tight, it’s a good buy if you are looking for a spare bed to use for the occasional guest. It is a very popular option for those with kids doing sleepovers!

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