Ultimate Sack Review – Is It A Good Bean Bag Chair? (Here’s My Take!)

Ultimate Sack Bean bag chairs are a super popular and versatile alternative to recliners, love seats and sofas. Whether you’re looking for a place to sit and relax, play games, watch TV, study, read, or work, there’s a bean bag chair to suit your needs. There are A LOT of different brands out there, and a giant bean bag can cost over a thousand dollars (find out why they’re so expensive). It’s really not necessary to pay that much for a good bean bag chair though. One brand that is riding high at the top of the market (but with very reasonable prices) is the Ultimate Sack. We researched it in-depth and tested it out for ourselves to find out if it’s as good as the customer reviews are saying! Here’s OUR Ultimate Sack review:

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Why the Ultimate Sack vs other brands?

It’s hard to tell the difference when you look at bean bag chairs. They all look impressive in their sales photos! And they all look pretty similar. So why would you choose the Ultimate Sack brand?

This one is special for a number of reasons. It’s a US based, family run company that have been around since 2007. They have a huge range of products in a different sizes, colors, and fabrics so there’s something to suit everyone. We love that their products have removable, washable covers – perfect for homes with kids, pets or just regular users.

These bean bag chairs are comparable to the most high-end brands on the market e.g. Lovesac, that have similar covers and filling, but cost nearly 3 times as much. Ultimate Sack’s bean bags are very reasonable and are priced at a price most people can afford.

What sizes are available?

The Ultimate Sack comes in 6 different sizes. Here’s a quick summary of what’s available (from largest to smallest):

Ultimate Sack 6000

This is the biggest in the range, and when I say big, I mean this is absolutely huge. If you want a giant bean bag chair, don’t underestimate how much space this will take up. You’ll want to measure up properly before you buy!

Size and weight

This is approximately 60-68 inches in diameter and weighs 65-70 lbs so is heavy too. It’s still portable, but at that weight and size is quite awkward and heavy to drag around. When fully fluffed it is about 34-38 inches in height.

Who is it suitable for?

This is big enough to accommodate 2 adults, or 2 adults and 1 kid, or 3 kids. Of course it’s also a good pick for any adult who just wants to stretch out and take a nap. It’s also the best pick for anyone who’s particularly tall.

Ultimate Sack 5000

This is another adult size bean bag, although about 1 ft shorter than the 6000. This is also quite big and heavy so take the size into consideration when buying.

Size and weight

The diameter of this is 50-58 inches and the height 30-34 inches. It weighs 50-55lbs

Who is it suitable for?

You could still fit 2 adults (although it would be more of a snug fit) or 2-3 kids. Or one adult and 1 kid. This would be a great pick for a dorm room.

Ultimate Sack 4000

Being smaller than the others, this is more suitable for teens or a smaller dorm room.

Size and weight

This bean bag chair is 40-48 inches across and 24-28 inches in height. It weighs 35-40lbs.

Who is it suitable for?

Teens and older kids. Dorm rooms, gamers etc.

Ultimate Sack 3000

This is a 3 foot (30-35 inches across) sack suitable for kids. It is 22-24 inches in height and weighs 20-25lbs.

Ultimate Sack Kids Sack

The kid’s sack is only slightly smaller at 30 inches across and also weighs 20-25lbs. This is perfect for younger kids.

Ultimate Sack Lounger

Lastly, not a bean bag chair, but a lounger! The Ultimate Lounger is similar in length and width to the Ultimate Sack 5000 but is narrower, so is a better option for smaller spaces. It’s a great option for reading, relaxing or taking a nap.

Size and weight

It weighs 40-50lbs and measures 33-36 inches in width. It is 65 inches long.

Who is it suitable for?

Most adults will enjoy the lounger as it’s long enough even for tall people to stretch out on. It’s suitable for anyone though.

All of the above include a removable washable cover which makes the bean bag chair easy to clean. The bean bag filling (which is made from shredded polyurethane foam) is held inside an inner liner.

Materials available include suede and fur, and all sizes are available in a variety of different colors or prints. Check all sizes, fabrics, colors and prices here on Amazon.

For extra accessories like foot stools, blankets, pillows, throws and even dog beds you can check out the official website.

What we like about the Ultimate Sack

  • They’re made in the USA and come direct from the manufacturer
  • Each has a strong #10 zipper which is secure and child proof
  • These bean bag chairs are double stitched to make them stronger, more durable and longer lasting.
  • The covers are machine washable, which makes them easy to maintain
  • No need to worry about beans falling out because they don’t use any! Instead they use shredded foam (which conforms to the shape of the body like beans, but is much more comfortable).
  • It comes already filled and tightly packed into a big box. All you have to do is give the bean bag chair a good shake to loosen any compacted filling and separate the pieces. It will expand by itself and in 2-3 days will have expanded to its full size.
  • Bean bag chairs made from foam don’t have a weight limit so they’re suitable for anyone
  • Whether you buy on Amazon or on the official website, this brand offers a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty!

What we don’t like

Some people complain that when they first receive their bean bag chair it has a “chemical smell”. This is pretty much the same with any new furnishings. I’ve noticed a smell like this when unwrapping a new mattress, and also with a new sofa. It’s completely normal and should be gone within a few days.

The inner lining isn’t waterproof. Drinks should be kept away from them in case of spills. In case of accidents (e.g. your toddler pees on it) you would have to remove the shredded foam from the inner lining if you wanted to wash it. This is doable, but quite a messy process.

While you can get a refund if you decide it’s not for you, it’s pretty awkward to do so as these are so big. You have to remove all the filling (which isn’t a small job) and ship back the covers at your own expense. This is not unique to the Ultimate Sack though – you’d have to follow the same process when returning any bean bag chair. So make sure you’re sure about your purchase before you buy!

What are customers saying?

Ultimate Sack reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive. Any negative Ultimate Sack review we found (which was very few) normally alluded to the fact these bean bag chairs don’t offer any back or neck support so they’re not really suited to older users. This is just common sense really and is the same with any bean bag chair – it’s for relaxing rather than being a “supportive” chair. Also, there were a few complaints that the foam felt “clumpy” and hard, but mainly this was because the customer didn’t separate out the filling properly when they first received it.

The majority of users are very impressed with the size, comfort and quality. Many people purchase this as a cheaper Lovesac alternative and find it to be just as good (but far more affordable) than the luxury, high-end brand. Unlike other brands of the same price that are often understuffed, the Ultimate Sack is packed full of foam and keeps its shape really well. They’re also super durable, even for the most rambunctious of kids! Check out the reviews on Amazon for yourself.

Ultimate Sack FAQ

Does the Ultimate Sack come prefilled? 

Yes it does. You will need to spend a few minutes separating out the compacted filling and fluffing it up. You can use it immediately, but it will take 2-5 days to expand to full size.

Is the Ultimate Sack refundable? How do I send back a bean bag chair of this size?

All you have to do is remove the shredded foam filler and send back the covers.

Can I purchase additional covers separately?

Yes, this can be done on the official website.

What’s the best size for an adult?

The Ultimate Sack 5000 (or 6000 if you are tall or want to stretch out)

Which size should I get for 3 kids to share?

For 3 kids the Ultimate Sack 6000 is probably the best option. Even your kids are small now they will grow quickly and so the biggest one is probably the most sensible choice.

Which sack is the best for sleeping on?

The Ultimate Sack 6000 (the biggest) is the best if you want to stretch out and sleep on your bean bag chair. While they’re great for a nap, they’re not recommended for sleeping on all night as they don’t offer the support you would get from a proper mattress.

What is the return policy?

Your Ultimate Sack can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. If you don’t like it, change your mind, or want to swap it for a different size, you can do that.

Conclusion: Is it worth the investment?

Honestly, at this price, you can’t go wrong with an Ultimate Sack. We love that they are home grown -made in the USA by a family-owned company. Also that their product is comparable in size and comfort to similar bean bag chair bands that are FAR more expensive. They have a big range of products so there’s a size to suit everyone, and bean bag chairs are very versatile. Use yours as a sofa, a love seat, as dorm furniture, for the kids to watch TV or for gaming… the list is endless.

They’re strong and durable too. With double stitching, a removable cover for easy washing, zip with child safety lock, and a 10 year warranty, you should get years of use from your Ultimate Sack.

Have you tried one from this range? If you have an Ultimate Sack review feel free to comment below and tell us about your experience.

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