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Best LoveSac Alternative Knockoffs 2023: 5 Cheaper Dupe Competitors

Last updated on February 15th, 2024 at 03:42 am

Those Lovesacs are crazy expensive right? Dont be alarmed as I have put together the Best Love Sac Alternative Knockoffs on the market.

As an Interior designer, my clients are always asking for a Lux bean bag chair and Lovesac is one of the most well-known names in furniture.

Our Favorite Love Sac Alternatives of 2023

The following is my list of the top Lovesac dupes (or knockoffs) and where to find them. You’ll see that many of the alternatives are very similar, but you’ll definitely save some money on your purchase with these competitors.

  1. Best Overall Chair – Cordaroy’s ConvertibleGet Best Price
  2. Best Giant Bean Bag – Jaxx Bean Bags Get 35% Off Here
  3. Best Budget Cheap Lovesac Alternative – Chill Sack – Get Best Price
  4. Best Zero Gravity Bean Bag (+ Ergonomic Support) – Moon Pod Price
  5. Best Multi-Purpose Bean Bags – Ultimate Sack – Get Best Price

With their legendary Sac’s (giant bean bag chairs), dubbed The World’s Most Comfortable Seat, they bring quality, durable, “cloud-like” comfort to the market and are loved by many.

I created this article to see if there is a love sac alternative, but don’t be mistaken in thinking these are just glorified bean bags. You only have to sit in one and you’ll see why they have so many raving fans – they really are THAT comfortable. Not only that, but they offer a huge lifetime warranty.

So what’s the problem?

Unfortunately, their prices just won’t suit everyone. Starting at $600 (and up to $1650) for a Sac they’re not cheap. This leaves many potential customers searching for the best Lovesac alternatives or off brand lookalike products.

Luckily, a few worthy options are significantly cheaper and feel so similar in comfort you won’t even notice the difference. We’ve tested and researched many of the most popular Lovesac dupes on the market and I think you’ll like some of our final picks!

What we’re looking for in a Love Sac Alternative

High quality foam – Most bean bags don’t actually contain beans or beads and instead contain small pieces of recycled memory foam that support the body and is incredibly comfortable to sit on.

Machine washable covers – Accidental spills and messes from kids and pets are inevitable in any family home. Plus, over time dust and dirt will accumulate from general use. That’s why it’s really important to have removable covers that can easily be washed and maintained. It should be as simple as zipping off the cover and throwing it in your laundry (with the foam held inside an inner liner).

Warranty – A long warranty of course is preferable (lifetime being the best) but it’s not always possible to get the kind of warranty you’d like. Most bean bag chair warranties will only cover manufacturer defect/workmanship issues and not accidental damage. This is a huge comparison to other brands with things like covers can easily be replaced though.

Size – As bean bag chairs can be pretty big depending on the size you choose, you need to decide whether or not your product of choice fits in your room before you buy. The 6ft bean bag is the most popular size, but people are often surprised by just how much space they take up. Especially if the product is 6ft all around. If you want a couch look for 7.5 or 8ft.

Free shipping – As these products are big AND heavy, you don’t want to be paying extra for shipping as it could be pretty costly.

Ship time – Check the shipping time for your bean bag chair before you buy. Depending on whether or not your product is in stock, sometimes shipping can take weeks, but generally, shipping is similar in time.

Our Top Pick: Jaxx Bean Bags, BigOne Option

When I first tested this bean bag a few years ago, the first thing that came into my mind was absolute relaxation and wholesomeness, lol. The Jaxx brand is one of my favorite brands for giant bean bags.

They have a fabulous 6ft bag in microsuede or microvelvet in a number of different colors which is equivalent in size to the Love Sac BigOne (at about a third of the price.)

A 6ft bag is suitable for 1 person to really stretch out, 2 people sitting close together, or one adult and 2 kids. It’s also the most popular bean bag size.

Looking for something REALLY big? They have the Sofa Saxx 7.5ft giant bean bag couch which is big enough for the whole family. Lovesac’s largest Sac is only 6ft.

Jaxx also has a range of very affordable outdoor bean bag chairs and loungers which are a combination of comfy bean bag and luxurious patio chair. Perfect for summer use. Lovesac only does indoor bean bag furnishings and are not suitable for outside use.

Top LoveSac Dupe

A Lovesac Dupe is an alternative version of the popular Lovesac beanbag furniture. It offers a similar look and feels to the original Lovesac, but at a lower price point.

Our dupe selections come in different sizes, shapes, fabrics, and colors than the original Sack of Love.

I would say if you’re looking for the perfect bean bag chair for you, there’s a good chance you’ll find a product you love on the Jaxx website, as this is the closest love sac dupe we have encountered. They have so many options to choose from.

The warranty on workmanship is 1 year. It’s not the most extended warranty I’ve seen (Lovesac offer a lifetime warranty) – they do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, though.

Click Here To Get a Jaxx Giant Bean Bag

Moon Pod vs Lovesac

Even though many people like to compare the Moon Pod vs Lovesac, they’re not exactly the same products. The dimensions of the Moon Pod vary seeing as it’s an amorphous shape, but it’s probably closest in size to the 4ft Moviesac (although slightly bigger). It’s not your typical bean bag though. Moon Pod is designed using zero gravity technology to make you feel weightless – almost like you’re floating on air. This is said to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Because of its flexible adaptability and support, this is a good option for those with back orl’./ neck pain as it helps to relieve discomfort while you rest. The Crescent (zero gravity backrest) is available to enhance your experience with the Moon Pod, and is especially good for back support.

It takes up less floor space than the Lovesac, is much lighter in weight, and of course is A LOT cheaper than its equivalent sized Lovesac. If you’re looking for a Love sac alternative that’s bigger than the standard Moon Pod, their Super Moon Pod (costing an extra $200) is their Moon Pod made for two.

The Moon Pod IS very comfortable and relaxing and although most users will love it, it’s not the biggest chair on this list. So for adults who are larger, or indeed taller than average, this might not be the best pick (there are plenty of bigger options like the Jaxx and Ultimate Sack). They offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Amazon Price

Chill Sack vs Lovesac

Although EVERY product we’ve mentioned on this page is cheaper than the Love Sac range, we had to choose a “budget pick” – the absolute best value furniture for the money. Chill Sack is this alternative. Whether you’re looking for a comfy seat for your home, dorm room, office or school, you can’t go wrong with a Chill Sack. Especially for the price (you can see the price and read reviews on Amazon here). You’ll save a lot of money with one of these.

So other than price, how does Chill Sack compare to the Lovesac? Like the Love Sac, Chill Sack is available in a number of different sizes – anything from 2ft up to a whopping 8ft couch. That’s a bigger range of sizes than Lovesac offers and you won’t believe how MUCH cheaper they are. And judging by the positive reviews, the quality is impressive as well. Plus you’ve got Amazon’s free shipping as an added bonus.

Chill Sack use high quality light shredded memory foam blend, premium zippers and are double stitched for durability. Their covers are soft, machine washable, and are resistant to stains and discoloration. Best of all, they’re made in the USA and have a 3 year guarantee.

Check Chill Sack price

Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack

Lovesac vs Ultimate sack

The main thing difference between Lovesac vs Ultimate Sack of course is the price. Ultimate Sack are a whole lot more affordable. This is a United States based family run business that pride themselves on quality, customer service and comfiest of foam bag chairs.

Their claim to fame is that they’ve built bean bag chairs for many top companies including Coca Cola, Coors Light, NBC and Yahoo. Ultimate Sack have a huge inventory of products from bean bags and bean bag chairs, to covers, pillows, foot stools and even dog beds!

One of their most popular products is the Ultimate Sack 6000 Bean Bag Chair, a 6ft bean bag (equivalent to Lovesac’s BigOne but costing 3 times less).

They also have different sizes and shapes available along with more colors and fabric options.

With double stitching for durability, machine washable covers, zipper with child safety lock and a very nice 10 year warranty make this the perfect bean bag product that anyone would enjoy.

Check Ultimate Sack Price (+ get free shipping)

Cordaroy’s vs Lovesac

Cordaroy Vs Love Sack

Cordaroy’s unique selling point is that their bean bag chair can be converted into a bed. You could sleep on the $1650 6ft Lovesac, but it’s really more suited to daytime napping and not for a full night’s sleep.

Cordaroy’s (in 3 different sizes) are filled with a durafoam-filled mattress, which can be taken out of the plush, microfiber cover, ready to use as a bed – full, queen, or king size. You can then fold and slide it into the cover to convert it back into a chair.

This is a great concept (it was even featured on Shark Tank), and a more comfortable option than an air mattress. As a 5ft bean bag chair, the largest Cordaroy’s vs Lovesac Supersac are pretty similar (in size and comfort).

Lovesac can’t be converted into a bed and costs about 3 times more. Love Sac do have a Pillowsac which can be used as a bean bag/bed though.

Cordaroy’s have LOTS of 5 star reviews and happy customers. However, there are a few negative reviews too though that you might want to take into consideration. There have been some complaints about not enough filler included (you can ask for more and Cordaroy’s will send it free).

It’s not the most comfortable as a bed because it compresses quite a lot when you lie on it. It seems to be a great option for kids on sleepovers, but not as much for adults. For the price though you really can’t expect it to be like a “real” mattress.

Other than that, if you’re looking for an affordable Lovesac alternative that doubles as a bed then Cordaroy’s is definitely the top option on the market for this. Plus it’s super affordable compared to the Lovesac AND they offer a lifetime warranty.

Check out Cordaroy’s 2 in 1 bean bag/bed (and get free shipping)

Bonus Review – Lovesac Competitors

When it comes to love sac competitors, one brand stands out from the crowd: Sofa Sack. Offering a range of bean bag furniture in various shapes, styles, and sizes, Sofa Sack is dedicated to delivering top-notch comfort with every purchase.

Their love sacs are designed with your relaxation in mind, featuring memory foam that conforms to your body, and durable fabrics that won’t rip or fray.

With a wide range of colors and designs, Sofa Sack makes it easy to find something that’s perfect for any room in your home. So if you’re looking for an alternative love sac option, look no further than Sofa Sack you won’t be disappointed. We love it!

Off Brand Competiton Factors

  • Sofa Sack is a love sac competitor that stands out from the crowd, offering a diverse range of bean bag furniture in various shapes and sizes. Their off brand love sacs are designed with comfort in mind and feature memory foam that conforms to your body for optimal relaxation.
  • With a wide range of colors and designs available, Sofa Sack makes it easy to find something that’s perfect for any room in your home. Plus, their love sacs are made with durable fabrics that won’t rip or fray, making them a great long-term investment.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Lovesac is far from the only high quality brand in town and there are plenty great Lovesac alternatives that can save you money. If you’re still not sure which is the most suitable for your needs, here’s a quick overview of what each bean bag has to offer:

Moon Pod is a great ergonomic option (particularly for those with back issues). It comes with zero gravity technology that makes you feel like you’re floating on air. Just bear in mind that for some people, it’s quite small.

Chill Sack is the perfect budget bag if you want affordable value for money, and comes in a wide range of sizes and colors on Amazon. If you want the cheapest (but still a great product) try this brand.

Jaxx is a Made in America brand with a huge range of bean bag chairs (small and huge ones) and indoor and outdoor furniture. They offer a fantastic discount (currently 20% off) if you order from the official website.

Ultimate Sack is a variation Made in the USA and has a pretty impressive range of products to choose from. Their products are high quality and have great customer reviews. Available on Amazon.

Cordaroy’s sack can be transformed from a bean bag chair into a bed with a removable mattress inside the cover. A good option for visitors or kid’s sleepovers.

If we had to choose…

…we’d probably purchase something out of the Jaxx furniture range. Made in the United States they have a superb range of bean bag products in all shapes and sizes – from kids bean bags all the way up to 7.5ft and made from a range of different materials. They even have outdoor bean bags and loungers which will be very popular when the summer comes around and you get the boat chairs out.

If you’re still struggling to decide which Lovesac knockoff is for you, click the links on this page to visit the sellers we’ve listed. Most of these products have plenty of customer reviews that should help you find your perfect bean bag furniture easily.

Are you using any of the above Lovesac alternative bean bag chairs? Would love to hear your thoughts. Just post your substitute bean bag below:

Is there a Lovesac Dupe available?

Yes, there are several Lovesac dupe alternatives available. The top 3 options include the Big Joe Bean Bag Chair from Walmart, the Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Seat Cushion, and the Comfort Research Ultimax Bean Bag.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Lovesac?

Yes, there is a cheaper alternative to Lovesac and that is the following;
The Main Competitors are Moon Pod Chair, Big Joe Bean Bag Chair, Chill Sac and more right here.

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