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My 2023 Moon Pod Review: You Won’t Believe the Outcome

Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 10:06 pm

I wrote this Moon Pod Review as someone who battles anxiety.

I was curious whether the Moon Pod could provide a zero-gravity experience at home and find out if this (expensive) piece of furniture is truly as unique as they say?

I’ve been searching for a cozy and comfortable living room chair. Unfortunately, none of the options I’ve tried so far have quite hit the mark.

They’re either too bulky for my taste or lack the comfort I desire.

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Me in the most popular bean bag chair on the planet
Me in the most popular bean bag chair on the planet

In this article, I’ll share my insights from testing and purchasing over 100 bean bag chairs for my Interior Design Company See Design Consultancy.

moon pod negative reviews are far and few between, but what type of a blog would this be without some opposing input.

The Arrival of my Moon Pod

My residence is situated approximately 20 yards away from a bustling street, resulting in an elongated driveway.

Upon the arrival of the Moon Pod, I was unfortunately absent, and the delivery driver opted not to transport the large rectangular box directly to my front porch.

The reasoning behind this decision remains unclear, as the package, despite its size, was remarkably lightweight and effortless to transport.

Unboxing & Assembly

When you unbox the Moon Pod, please avoid using a blade or any sharp object to cut the packaging tape. Doing so could accidentally damage the Moon Pod’s sac (I nearly ruined it) and cause irreparable harm to the bean bag chair.

Stay cautious and carefully handle the opening process to ensure its pristine condition.

Me unboxing a large box and looking at the camera
Me unboxing a large box and looking at the camera

When it comes to assembly, the process is pretty straightforward until the very end. First, you’ll want to unwrap the bean bag from its clear plastic bag.

Then, carefully unwrap the cover, which is conveniently folded separately in another plastic bag.

The trouble starts when you try to squeeze the Moon Pod inside the cover. If you’re doing it solo like I did, well, best of luck! It’s like trying to stuff a sausage – not easy! My advice? Find a buddy to lend a hand.

Trust me, without some assistance, it’ll take you around 10 minutes and a whole lot of patience to zip up the cover all the way.

Moonpod Customer Reviews


My family recently purchased a nocturnal moon pod chair, which has been a game-changer for all of us! The chair’s ergonomic design provides excellent support and comfort, helping to alleviate any back or neck pain.

We love how lightweight and versatile it is. We can easily move it from room to room, or even take it outdoors. It’s perfect for watching movies or gaming and curling up with a good book.

Jill Founder

Happy Mother

Why Would You Want a Moon Pod Chair?

Sitting on the Moon Pod is an out-of-this-world experience!

I felt completely weightless, my heavier bits lovingly cradled by the plush pillow filling. It’s like being suspended in a cloud or experiencing anti-gravity without all the astronaut training.

How I used my Moon Pod

Moonpod Sitting Position reading a book
Moon pod Sitting Position reading a book

The moment I finished zipping the Moon Pod shut, my 13-year-old son enthusiastically leaped over my shoulder and landed gracefully onto it.

To my amazement, he didn’t tumble out or rebound into the coffee table.

Instead, the Moon Pod seemed to embrace her warmly, as if it delighted in being subjected to such playfulness. I assure you, it truly emitted a contented sigh, as if it reveled in the joyous mayhem.

woman sitting on a moonpod chair
Sarah Williams: Author

Since then, I’ve been trying out the Moon Pod and experimenting with its different positions for about three weeks.

Sitting Position

I spent an afternoon lounging in the Moon Pod, enjoying its comfort as I indulged in a captivating book. I positioned my legs in front of me, bent at the knee, and placed my e-reader on my lap.

The Moon Pod maintained its shape, providing excellent support for my back in this upright position. It even helped me maintain proper posture, preventing any slouching tendencies I usually have.

Moonpod provides Distributed support
Image: Courtesy of Merchant

I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t gradually sink into a relaxed, horizontal position as I do almost instantly with my daughter’s conventional bean bag chair. It’s incredible how this one keeps me comfortably upright and offers a unique seating experience!

After chilling in the Moon Pod for about 30 minutes, I started experiencing some pressure on my tailbone area, and my derriere totally dozed off. I toughed it out for two whole hours, but eventually, I just had to make my escape.

I’m a bit of a shorty, so having my laptop propped on my knees never bothered me. But let me tell you, for someone with longer legs (my hubby is 6ft 2 tall), he absolutely hated it!

Husband is too tall for the Moonpod

“When I tried it, I felt like I was too tall. I wanted more support for my upper back and somewhere to put my arms while typing. I also had a hard time finding a comfortable position for my legs—basically, the laptop was too low on my lap and too far from my face, so I had to hunch over while working.” Ryan G

Reclining Position

Sleeping in side position on a Moon Pod Chair
Sleeping in side position on a Moon Pod Chair

When I sank into the Moon Pod’s embrace, it perfectly contoured to my body, providing just the right balance of support and comfort. I spent hours in the reclined position, enjoying my favorite TV shows and even indulging in a captivating book.

With the backrest set at a cozy 135-degree angle, I could effortlessly chat with others in the room and take refreshing sips of my drink. For added relaxation, I could rest my head on either side of the Moon Pod, should I desire.

Throughout a some much-needed binging on my favourite tv show “Emily in Paris” I remained completely at ease, without any need to shift or interrupt my reclining bliss.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping on the Moon Pod
Sleeping on the Moon Pod

Embracing the concept of slumbering in the Moon Pod presented a mental challenge for me. As someone who prefers side sleeping, leaving my front side unprotected during rest isn’t my preference.

Nevertheless, I positioned the Mood Pod horizontally and hesitantly fell backward into its embrace. To my surprise, it cradled me gently. The vulnerability I anticipated feeling while lying there was absent.

However, achieving sleep in it remained elusive, even after experimenting with various postures.

Initially, I lay on my back, which elevated my chest and head above my lower body, somewhat mimicking an arched back sensation.

Attempting to lie on my side in the Moon Pod made my arms uncomfortably coiled near my face and my upper leg dangling.

I also tested lying on my front, which, while being the most comfortable position, still fell short of true comfort and resulted in neck stiffness.

My significantly taller husband also gave the Moon Pod a try, but its length was insufficient for him. He resorted to propping his feet on pillows to achieve a semblance of comfort.

Ryan my husband enjoying his Moon Pod Chair
Ryan, my husband too tall but enjoying our Moon Pod Chair

My Pros and Cons

Buy it…

  • if you’re looking for a sturdy, ergonomic but super comfortable chair for working, studying, or to support a bad back.
  • if you want to relieve back and neck pain. Bean bag chairs aren’t usually a great option for those who suffer with back problems because they lack support. The Moon Pod offers strong ergonomic support for your back and neck, moulding to your body and not putting pressure on pain points.
  • if you’re looking for a portable bean bag chair with the “sensations of flotation therapy” to lie down or reline on for yourself, for the kids or even for a pet (just be aware, the Moon Pod cover does attract pet hair, but is washable).
  • if your available space is small, because the Moon Pod takes up very little space. Plus it can be stored upright in a small corner of the room.

Avoid it:

  • If you’re tall (over 6ft) as you may find it a bit short – I’d recommend the Yogibo Max if you’re looking for something similar but longer.
  • If you’re suffering from mobility problems. You might find it quite hard to get up from it! Not impossible, but you might be better off with a bean bag chair that’s not so low to the ground.
  • If you’re looking for more “bang for your buck, ” cheaper bean bag chairs are available. Check out the alternative cheaper options on Amazon.
  • If you mainly want it for sleeping or napping then I’d say it might be a bit too short – it’s ok for the occasional nap but I don’t like the way my legs hang off the end. I much prefer the reclining and sitting positions.
  • If you’re not 100% certain this is the bean bag for you. You don’t want to get into dealing with customer service if you don’t have to.

Moon Pod Reviews: Live Video Experience

What is the Moon Pod Made of?

Most bean bag chairs contain beads made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The Moon Pod contains proprietary high-density, high-friction EPS filler beads and a dual sac construction to give it that weightless sensation while sitting in it.

The Moon Pod bean bag chair is made up of a synthetic stretchy polyester fiber cover and a zipper for easy removal to clean it in your washing machine.

I’ve washed mine a few times and I can report that the cover holds up well in a normal cold water wash, with a cool tumble dry.

Interior Designers are using this in projects

Interior designer Wesley Moon is using this item of furniture in his latest projects, incorporating style, luxury, and comfort for his latest client’s stunning bedrooms.

A Bean bag chair isnt something that i would usually use in my designs, however the sleek design and comfort of the Moon Pod just made complete sense in this situation

Wesley Moon. Interior Designer

The Success Story: John Fiorentino and the Kickstarter Campaign

When John Fiorentino created the Moon Pod, he took the ‘bean’ out of the bean bag and replaced it with pure bliss!

With the success of his Gravity Blanket, he knew his aim had to be lofty: revolutionize the way we relax. And boy did he deliver!

How much does a Moonpod cost

The MoonPod cost is between $299 to $350 USD and the price varies depending on where you purchase it from or if they have a sale.

These seats are more expensive due to the High-Friction Custom Beads.

Moon Pod Price

We have listed 2 prices for the Moon pod cost; one is from Amazon and the other is directly from the original website.

Not the cheapest bean bag

How much is a Moonpod? It’s quite expensive for a bean bag chair, but I’m happy with the purchase.

If you can afford it, I think it’s a great buy and I expect it to last a long time. If you’re on a budget though, there are other cheaper bean bag chairs out there for nearly half the price. price comparisons: Exploring the Cost Factor

The price is listed compared to the costs of other bean bag chairs in the competition.

Floorspace4 Sq Ft25 Sq Ft10 Sq Ft7.2 Sq Ft
FillHigh-Friction Custom BeadsMix Of Miscellaneous FoamLow-Quality Recycled PolystyreneN/A
Weight12 Lbs45 Lbs18 Lbs88 Lbs
Comparison Chart from Other Bean Bag Chairs

Final Thoughts: Is the Moon Pod Worth It?

The Moon Pod Chair is a high-quality bean bag chair that can be used for many purposes. It’s great to use for relaxing, reading or working on the computer.

If you are looking for something more comfortable than your average recliner or sofa, this may just be what you’ve been searching for!

It’s also smaller, lighter and can be used anywhere without taking up much space. I’d absolutely buy this again, and my children and dog agree.

My only complaint is that Moonpod don’t put on the outer cover before they ship, so you have to do that yourself. It’s pretty easy to do though and simple enough that you don’t need instructions.

This also makes an excellent gift idea it would work nicely in any home and will last through years of frequent use by all family members even if they have different needs (e.g., kids who want to play games while adults read).

I love that it’s a chair that can help with problems like back and neck pain because it moulds around you and supports your body.

Have You Tried It?

We want to know what our readers think about the Moon pod. Have you used it before, and if so what were your thoughts on this product?

Is it the best bean bag pod or are there better available? We would love for everyone to share their experiences with us!

Sarah Williams


  1. I want the super moon pod I was offered a discount but tryed to apply it and it kept kicking me out of the site

    1. Hi Kitty, I just added the discounted price code of COMFY15 with the Supermoon Pod and it worked. It may be your browser. Maybe give it a trey on another device or computer? I hope it works for you.

  2. I love this item of furniture, it looks sleek and comfortable, plus the Moon pod price is reasonable considering what is out there on the market these days.

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  • Great Chair

    Andrew C.

    I don't have a lot of space, so i love that the moon pod can be used in different situations. This is my new nap spot.

  • Love it (for the most part)

    Thi L.

    Bought this for my son as a place to sit while playing video games. The seat itself is fine - would really like to see different color covers. The light color doesn’t really go well with a 13 year old!!

  • Thrilled with this bean bag

    Pamela S.

    We were thrilled to receive our Moon Pod, and it truly surpassed our expectations! My boys utilize it for reading, jumping, sleeping, and playing video games. Despite its generous size that allows them to share, I'm purchasing another one today.

  • I Adore the Moon Pod

    Josh C.

    This experience was truly delightful! I initially bought it for my wife, I couldn't resist trying it myself. Despite being 6'6" tall and needing ample support, I was pleasantly surprised by its comfort. The level of support and fullness was simply amazing, making it incredibly comfy.

  • Moon Pod Power

    Jack O.

    I use my Moon Pod in my office, where I find solace and tranquility during breaks between seeing clients. It provides me with exceptional comfort as I sit cross-legged, gently embracing my body and providing optimal support for my back. The affinity I have for it is so profound that I yearn to own another one for my home. However, the price proves to be a slight hurdle in indulging this desire.

  • Great Neck Support

    Rebecca R.

    I love the feeling of being lulled into comfort and relaxation while lounging on my Moon Pod. Its unparalleled support for my head and neck sets it apart from all other pillow props I've encountered. I'm so satisfied with it that I'm actually contemplating getting another one! I can't help but spread the word about this incredible product to all my friends and family. It's truly a source of sublime comfort for individuals of any age, making it highly recommended, especially for those experiencing any form of discomfort or pain.

  • So happy - So is my Son

    Jane H.

    My son has been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and mentioned his desire for a quiet meditation space with a cozy bean bag. I recalled hearing about the moon pod and decided to look it up. I placed the order on Monday, 10th June 2019, and received it promptly yesterday on 12th June 2019. I must say, I am impressed! The company kept me updated through text and email, and even provided a tracking number. My son was absolutely thrilled to receive it so quickly. Even his two beloved pets seem to be loving it too. I can't wait to hear his final thoughts, but I have a feeling he's absolutely smitten with it! Thank you, Moonpod, for bringing such joy to my son's life.

  • Overall Not Bad

    Carlos J.

    The quality of the product is commendable. Although the price may appear steep, had I discovered it prior to the other option, the cost would have been inconsequential. It offers a comfortable experience for activities such as watching TV and reading. Moreover, it has become a favourite spot for my cat to lounge. However, caution must be exercised with children since they tend to enjoy jumping around.