Baby Delight Snuggle Nest

As a new parent, I was overwhelmed with all the gear and gadgets that were available to soothe and snuggle my precious little one. After some research, I decided that the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest was just what we needed. It’s essentially an ultra-cozy nest for babies to sleep soundly its breathable inner fabric protects babies from germs and supports them in spreading out their little arms and legs for a restful sleep.

Not only does it provide a safe environment but it also serves as a comfortable co-sleeper for me so that I can cuddle my baby close. Plus, I love how it’s lightweight and portable, which makes nap time on the go a breeze. All in all, the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest has made both of our lives easier!


Dimensions 33.5˝L x 14˝W x 8˝H Product Weight: 2.8 lb.

The Snuggle Nest is completely surrounded by soft, breathable Comfort Mesh. The idea here is to improve air-flow and to also provide you with some peace of mind. We know little ones tend to move around and by surrounding them with breathable Comfort Mesh you’ll know they will stay safe and comfortable.With tall walls crafted with sturdy, vented plastic, your little one will have a safe place to lounge. The comfortable, yet firm mattress is covered in a soft sheet that can be machine washed, along with the Snuggle Nest’s cover.Diaper changes happen often, and everywhere. The Snuggle Nest provide a space for you to change your baby while they are fully surrounded by walls. With no fear of rolling or crawling away, diaper changes can happen quickly and effeciently.Portability is always crucial. Whether you’re moving your Snuggle Nest from room to room, to Grandma’s house, vacation or even storing it, the design allows you to quickly and easily fold it up and take it with you. You can even store some essentials inside – because anything that makes parenting easier is a win!