Moon Pod vs Cordaroy

Last updated on April 10th, 2023 at 02:26 am

The Moon Pod vs Cordaroy comparison is there really any difference? YES! There is a massive distinction and lemme tell you why. One is a Zero Gravity Bean bag chair shaped like a crescent moon, and the other is a spherical bean bag that converts into a bed.

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Moon Pod Chair

Moon Pod Chair
Full Body
Well Priced

Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair


  • The Moon Pod bean bag chair provides unparalleled comfort and support. Its unique design combines the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of high-grade polystyrene beads in order to provide users with a truly exceptional experience.
  • The Moon Pod bean bag chair is also incredibly versatile, allowing users to lay back in it while watching TV, use it as a makeshift bed, or even use it as a desk chair for studying or working from home.
  • The Moon Pod is made from durable fabrics such as spandex and cotton, ensuring it can handle extended periods of use without deteriorating. It’s also easy to clean since the cover can be removed and machine-washed whenever necessary.
  • Unlike traditional bean bags, the Moon Pod has a 10-year warranty, ensuring the manufacturer covers any defects or malfunctions.


  • Since the Moon Pod is filled with high grade polystyrene beads, it may be too hard for certain individuals who prefer softer chairs.
  • Assembling the Moon Pod can take some time since several parts must be assembled during setup.
  • Due to its size, the Moon Pod might not fit in small homes or apartments that don’t have enough space for it.
  • The Moon Pod bean bag chair is quite expensive compared to traditional bean bags and other furniture pieces so it may not be suitable for those working on tight budgets.

Cordaroys Bean Bag Chair


  • Incredibly versatile and can serve as extra seating, a comfortable lounger, or even a full-size bed. It is
  • Made from durable and high-quality materials that are also soft and comfortable.
  • The foam filling is supportive and contours your body, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • The bean bag bed chair also includes a removable cover that is machine washable for easy maintenance.
  • It comes in various colors and styles, making it a great decorative piece in any room.


  • The foam filling may eventually flatten out over time, reducing its effectiveness as a bed or lounge chair.
  • Because of its large size, it can be difficult to move around which may be problematic if you want to use it in different rooms or locations.
  • Its unique design, can take up quite a bit of space, making it unsuitable for small apartments or houses.