How to wash LoveSac cover

How to wash LoveSac cover: 4 Step by Step Guide

Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 04:43 am

Ok, let’s get to it right away with no Fluff! See what I did there? How to wash LoveSac cover? Here are the essential steps to get your Lovesac fresh and clean.

Changeable cover

Washing LoveSac Cover

Comfort comes in many fabrics, from our machine-washable furs to our luxury velvets and custom prints. Whether it’s a comfortable junction or that accent piece you’ve been searching for, we have 200+ Covers to choose from, so your LoveSac always matches your tastes and style.

How to wash LoveSac cover

Washable LoveSac Cover

Relax and Toss it in Wash

Spills and splats happen. That’s why we use machine-washable fabrics for 150+ of our Sac Cover options. Simply unzip, remove, and toss your Cover in the wash. One gentle cycle later, you’ve got a fresh, clean Cover with no signs of shrinking, fading, or pilling.


Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

With Sacs, we wanted to make something more than just The World’s Most Comfortable Seat. We wanted to make sure that it remains the best seat in the house for years to come. That’s why every Sac Insert comes backed with our Lifetime Guarantee and our 60-Day Home Trial.

How Clouds Are Made

Sacs provide comfort for you, as well as our planet. From repurposed foam all the way to shipping Sacs at 1/8th their volume for maximum efficiency, Sacs are designed in a way that reduces our environmental impact.

How to wash LoveSac cover Fast

  1. Unzip and remove the cover from the Lovesac beanbag chair or sofa.
  2. Chuck it in a washing machine.
  3. Add cold water on a gentle cycle
  4. Remove the covers and hang them for some time to dry.

Key Points

Things to Take Care of Before You Wash LoveSac Cover

  • LoveSac covers come with tags that have all you need to know before giving them a much-needed clean. Whether it’s okay to wash your cover or not, and if yes then what the best way is – this tag has got all the answers! So be sure to check out yours for optimum laundering fun!
  • To keep your Sac cover looking new, take care not to use any fabric softener when washing it. Better yet, hang it outside in the cool breeze for some fresh air drying! Whatever you do, never put that precious item into a dryer-it’s just too risky.
  • It is so because using a dryer to dry out your cover might shrink the cover and cause you issues when putting them back again. You might not even be able to put it back again.
  • Some LoveSac fabrics are dry clean, while others can be washed using water and mild soap. Nevertheless, the company claims that the covers can be washed without any problem of pilling, shrinking of material, or color fading.
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