Yoga Chase Lounge

Yoga Chaise Lounge: 5 Reasons to try this spiritually trendy sofa

My shiny new Yoga Chaise Lounge provides me with all of the comfort and support needed for a refreshing yet calming workout. After searching high and low for the ideal spot to practice my yoga, I was pleasantly surprised when a luxurious but practical solution presented itself! It seems that no matter how ambitious your desires may be the universe will provide if you believe in yourself!

5 Reasons we love this product

  1. A comfortable and unique style that fits perfectly in modern and contemporary spaces
  2. Complete with solid maple feet, beautifully left in its natural wood finish or can be painted or stained in any color of choice
  3. Crafted from comfortable furniture urethane foam that provides the perfect combination of comfort and support
  4. Easy to set up, move, and position, no tools required. Inspired accent pieces for living rooms, bedrooms, and home theaters
  5. Sleek modern chaise lounge chair for lounging, exercising, yoga, stretching, and more!
New Yoga Chaise Lounge


  • Dimensions 64″D x 18″W x 29.5″H
  • Cover – Vegan leather that is soft, breathable, antimicrobial, non-staining, and easy to clean
  • Liner – Polyester taffeta with a moisture-resistant coating
  • Foam High-density polyurethane

How to use yoga chaise lounge


The gorgeous, contemporary, stretch Footed Yoga Chaise lounge is expertly constructed from a robust furniture-grade polyurethane with a stunning natural finish of solid maple feet. Its effortless setup process and easy mobility make it the perfect choice for lounge sessions, workouts, yoga poses, stretching exercises, meditation, and much more! It’s the ideal way to relax at home or in the office after a long day of work.

Not only does this chaise look great, but its superior design ensures it’s as comfortable as possible. The stretch Footed Yoga Chaise features a thickly cushioned foam pad that offers optimal support and comfort while you relax or exercise. And no matter how you like to position yourself on the chaise – on your back or one of your sides – its adjustable angle feature allows you to customize your experience to suit your needs. Its durable construction also ensures that it will last many years.

So if you’re looking for an elegant yet practical piece of furniture that can help you unwind or exercise in style, look no further than this fantastic stretch Footed Yoga Chaise! Not only will it provide an aesthetic enhancement to any room in your house, but it will also provide countless hours of enjoyable relaxation and pleasure.

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