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11 Best Boat Bean Bags For Marine & Outdoor Use

Last updated on August 1st, 2023 at 01:21 am

I think Boating is a great way to have fun on the water, but adding in a comfy boat bean bag chair will make it even better! With so many kinds of marine bags out there, it can be hard to pick one, so let us lend you an experienced hand.

We’ll break down all the best options available and guide you toward finding your perfect companion for hitting up lakes or sailing across open seas.

So take off those shoes, settle back, and get ready because we are about to find YOU some awesome boatside bliss!

Our top 4 Boat Bean Bags:

  1. Best Overall – Ocean Tamer Marine Bean Bags – Get Best Price
  2. Best Teardrop – E-SeaRider bean bag chair for boat – Get Best Price
  3. Best Budget – Joybean Outdoor Bean Bag – Get Price
  4. Best Armchair Style – Big Joe Marine Outdoor – Get Best Price

What is a Boat bean bag?

It’s basically waterproof bean bags for boats that you can use on your vessel. Boat bean bags are usually filled with small polystyrene beans because they are waterproof and comfortable. Boat bean bag Chairs are built to resist marine elements such as salt, sun tan oil, etc.

An ocean bean bag can be used in any outdoor or yacht boat setting, relaxing poolside, at the beach, and even in your garden.

The following are some of the nautical bean bags that we have researched, tried and tested and found to be the best on the market.

Best Marine Bean Bag Chair For Your Craft

The main bean bag brands in the marine space are E Searider and Ocean Tamer bean bag chair for boats. You can’t go wrong buying one of these brands. However, they aren’t the only ones making boat bean bag chairs.

The following are some of our top picks for aquatic bean bags:

1. Ocean Tamer – Our #1 Choice For Boat Bean Bags

Like our top pick, E-SeaRider, Ocean Tamer bean bags is a coastal US-based company with a wide range of Boat bean bags in all shapes and sizes. Similarly, they are also known for their excellent local-based customer service, which customers have found to be very helpful.

A lot of people on nautical & boating forums try to compare E-seaRider vs Ocean Tamer, and honestly, it seems like there is very little difference in their products. None that are noticeable anyway! Some people prefer one brand, and some the other.

Ocean Tamer Marine Bean Bag Chair

Key Benefits:

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A for vessel grade furniture.
  • High-quality UV and mildew-resistant marine grade materials are used to make their bags available.
  • Every Ocean Tamer waterproof bean bag chair comes with heavy-duty nylon handles for easy carrying and boat bean bag storage.


Lifetime warranty included but like the E-SeaRider product you shouldn’t need it as these will last for years!

Mold and mildew-resistant, water-repellant, weather-resistant, and tear and crack resistant


None that I could find

Package Dimensions L x W x H‎32 x 25 x 22 inches
Package Weight‎15 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎812.8 x 558.8 x 635 inches
Item Weight‎15 Pounds
Brand Name‎Ocean-Tamer

Our Rundown:

Great range of products, quality assured, long lasting comfort, fantastic customer service, USA made.

What more could you want! Whether you’re an amateur boater, a fisherman, a charter, or a tournament competitor, Ocean Tamer have some great products available.

2. E-SeaRider

E-SeaRider is known as the “original bean bag for boats” and has been in business in the USA since 2002. Initially created by a fisherman on their old watercraft, they have spent years refining their design and processes to make some of the best Boat bean bags available on the market.

They sell teardrop style, round style, wedge style and armchair bean bags.

Because they sell all the different styles of boat bean bags we’re not going to go into things like weight capacity and dimensions as there are too many different products to list!

All are available on the official website though or on Amazon (where you can check out some of the customer reviews).

Key Benefits:

The most robust marine-grade vinyl is used in the making of E-SeaRiders. Furthermore, local US-based vendors and distributors are used for sourcing their raw materials, helping to support the US economy.

Their products are stitched using heavy-duty threading and double-sewn for extra strength and durability.


I’ve never seen a single complaint about an E-SeaRider. Some customers have had their E SeaRider bean bags for up to 15 years and they’re still using them. They offer some serious quality and durability.

They’re made in the USA by a company that isn’t afraid to stand by their products. They have great customer service and are easy to get in touch with if necessary.

One customer said he broke the zip on his bean bag and E SeaRider offered to replace it even though he said it was his fault!

They have a lifetime warranty!


None that I could find? May not be suitable for a ship? lol

Fill MaterialPolystyrene
Age Range (Description)Adult
Product Dimensions36″D x 36″W x 24″H
Item Weight10 Pounds
Product Dimensions36 x 36 x 24 inches
Item Weight10 pounds

Our Rundown:

E-SeaRider boat bean bag chairs are designed to make your time on the water safer, smoother and more comfortable. They use only the highest quality materials and offer a wide range of styles, combinations and colors.

These bean bags are heavy-duty enough to last through years of use both on and off the water. With excellent customer service and great products, there’s no reason not to check out their range for your next boat bean bag.

3. Joybean Outdoor Bean Bag Chair (Teardrop)

joybean outdoor bean bag

The Joybean is an outdoor bean bag chair that is specifically designed for marine and outdoor use. It is made from marine-grade vinyl and is filled with high-density polystyrene beans.

This popular product is mainly sold on Amazon and Walmart and gets great customer reviews.


This is a teardrop shaped boat bean bag similar to the E Searider and the Ocean Tamer’s tear drop shaped bean bags. It has 3 different sizes:
Medium: 30H x 33 x 33

Large: 30H x 38 x 38

Long neck: 30H x 33 x 33

Capacity and user height:

Medium: 200 lbs and 5’10”

Large: 260 lbs and 6’2″

Long neck: 225 lbs and 6’2″

Key Benefits:

The Joybean outdoor chair has double stitched marine grade vinyl, a nautical grade zipper, and marine grade nylon straps. The Joybean is also mold and mildew-resistant and UV resistant so you can cruise around for a few weeks before being concerned.


The Joybean is a USA-made boat bean bag that is comfortable and stylish. It is also very affordable and comes in 3 different sizes – medium, large, and long neck plus various colors.


The only negative comment I’ve seen about this bean bag is that it’s too big! This isn’t a con really as it’s the buyer’s responsibility to check the size and whether or not it will fit on their boat.

Our Rundown:

A great boat bean bag for a great price. It’s versatile, tough and can be used anywhere.

4. Big Joe Milano Outdoor Marine Lounger

Big Joe Outdoor Marine

Big Joe Milano marine lounger is one of the world’s first and largest bean bag companies. They have bean bags of almost any shape and size, and their products are some of the most affordable on the market.

The Big Joe Milano Outdoor Boat Bean Bag is a popular option for those who like the armchair style. It’s a nice option for anyone looking for something cheaper but still durable and comfortable.


28 x 31 x 27 inches (medium)

Capacity and user height

User height not listed, but weight capacity is 300 lbs

Key Benefits:

The Big Joe Milano comes in 2 different colors navy and white. Although the white one looks nice, I’m not sure it’d be the easiest to keep clean though.


  • It’s very comfortable and one of the most affordable on the market.
  • The bottom is designed to drain water quickly.
  • It has a sturdy carry handle to make moving it around easy.
  • Big Joe is a USA-based company.


  • The cover isn’t removable but you can spot clean as needed.
  • It’s low to the ground and doesn’t offer much back support for the taller person.

Our Rundown:

For a reasonably priced but long-lasting, comfortable armchair-style bean bag chair, the Big Joe is a good choice. It’s lightweight but sturdy. Just make sure if you’re buying on Amazon that you choose the right one the regular Big Joe and kids Big Joe is on the same listing.

Choose the outdoor marine vinyl one if you’re looking for a boat bean bag.

Customers Say – Boat Marine Bag Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Love It!

The Big Joe marine lounger is exactly as in the picture. Actually roomy and so comfortable for a grown-up too. My daughter, who is ten, adores sitting in it to read. The fabric looks like it will last a while.

Check out the Big Joe on Amazon

5. Fatboy Original Outdoor Bean Bag

Fatboy Original Outdoor

Fatboy is a bean bag brand that has been around for 20 years and is well-known for its high-quality, durable, comfortable bags.

The Fatboy Original outdoor bean bag (while not a Boat bean bag per se) is one that some people have chosen for their boats. But should you? Let’s take a closer look at the features and specs.


8 x 55 x 70

Capacity and user weight

Not listed

Key Benefits

It is UV, water, and dirt resistant. With a Sunbrella acrylic cover and polystyrene beads, it can be used in several different positions, both indoors and outdoors.


The cover is  removable and machine washable

It’s a very versatile outdoor bean bag chair that is easy to carry around and comfortable to use. It’s unique design means it can be used as a sofa, chair, rocking chair or lounger.


It’s not actually a Boat bean bag (and doesn’t claim to be), so it isn’t as waterproof as it might need to be for use on a boat.

This bean bag isn’t made from marine grade vinyl (the best material for a maritime bean bag) but is water-resistant acrylic.

The Fatboy is pretty expensive, almost double the price of some others on this list.

Our Rundown

I think a bean bag designed for the outdoors (but not for marine) probably isn’t the best pick for a boat. For one, it is not waterproof, it is water resistant and wont keep its perfectly formed shape.

That means it’ll take a few minor splashes or a rain shower but won’t deal well with much water (which is common when sailing or fishing).

It depends on what kind of marine activity you’re doing, though. Some users might still find it suitable, but it IS a great bean bag chair.

Check out the Fatboy Original Outdoor Bean Bag on Amazon

Choosing a Boat bean bag

Here’s what you should look for in a splash tastic chair…


Marine beanbags fabric (usually marine grade vinyl) is tougher and more resistant than the fabric typically used for indoor or outdoor bean bag chairs.

Boat bean bags are used on boats and must be UV and weather-resistant, mold and mildew-resistant, tear and crack-resistant, and water-repellent. So make sure you choose a bag that is made from marine-grade vinyl for the best results.


It is essential that a Boat bean bag is well-made and long-lasting to withstand rough sea conditions. We spoke about the fabric, but other materials must also be solid and durable.

The use of heavy-duty marine grade thread (preferably double stitched seams), heavy-duty zippers, and strong nylon straps make for a nautical bean bag that will go the distance.


Boat bean bags come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Teardrop and wedge-shaped bean bag chairs are two of the most popular shapes. They also come in round and armchair shapes.
  • Teardrop-shaped chairs are the top choice, coming in 3 sizes – medium, large, and long neck.
  • The armchair shape usually comes in small, medium, and large.

When shopping for a Boat bean bag chair, check the max weight and height capacity to pick the right one for your size.


Boat bean bags usually come with high-density polystyrene bean filling, so ensure this is what you’re getting.

These tiny little polystyrene beads are waterproof and conform to the body when you sit on the bean bag.

This makes a seat both comfortable and supportive. This is the best filling type for a marine bean bag.

Consider Boat Bean Bag Shapes to Suit Your Vessel

When it comes to choosing the perfect bean bag for your boat, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Let’s take a look at the different shapes available and how they can enhance your boating experience.

Teardrop Shaped Marine Bean Bags

First up, we have the teardrop-shaped boat bean bags. These fabulous bean bags have a wider base that tapers up to a smaller top, resembling a teardrop (hence the name!). This design supports your back and legs, making it ideal for lounging or sitting upright.

Teardrop Shaped Chair

Round Boat Bean Bag Chairs

Now let’s talk about the classic round boat bean bag chairs. Many boaters love these circular wonders for their comfort, versatility, and portability. You can choose one in various sizes that perfectly fits your seating needs. Whether you want to lounge, read, or catch some z’s, the round boat bean bag chairs have got you covered.

Ocean Tamer Marine Bean Bag Chair

Wedge Shaped Marine Chairs

Next on our list are the wedge-shaped marine bean bags. These innovative bean bags offer a more upright seating position thanks to their unique triangular shape with a backrest and elevated seating area.

This design not only reduces fatigue but also improves your posture. Perfect for activities like fishing where balance and control matter, these bean bags provide comfort and support without taking up too much space on your boat.

Armchair Boat Bean Bags

Last but not least, let’s explore the armchair boat bean bags. These fantastic bean bags are designed to give you the feeling of a traditional armchair while being lightweight and portable. You get the best of both worlds comfort and convenience.

They come in various sizes to suit your needs, from a cozy single-seater to larger options that can accommodate your boating buddies.

What can Boat bean bags be used for?

Boat bean bag chairs are not just for use on a boat. Of course, they are most famous for boating, sailing, fishing, etc. but the following are some other ideas for use:

  • Camping Chairs
  • Tailgating
  • Sporting events
  • Dorm rooms
  • Indoor (or outdoor) seating
  • On the beach
  • At the pool
  • Backyard parties
  • Game rooms etc.
outdoor bean bag chairs

That makes a oceanic bean bag chair a pretty good investment as you can use it just about anywhere!

How to clean a Boat bean bag chair?

A Boat bean bag is easy to clean with just a little soap and water. If you spill something on it, wipe it up with a wet cloth. You can also hose it down if it gets filthy.

To clean the inside liner of the bean bag, remove the cover and wash the liner in your washing machine. Once you’ve cleaned your Boat bean bag, let it air dry in the sun.

Long term maintenance

Boat bean bag chairs are heavy-duty and durable, so they’ll withstand rough conditions and don’t need to be treated particularly carefully to keep them in top condition. They should look good after years of use as long as they’re kept clean.

However, ANY bean bag chair filled with polystyrene beads (whether indoor, outdoor or marine) will need to be refilled occasionally. The beads become compressed after extended periods of regular use, making the bean bag chair flat or limp.

This compromises the support and comfort of the chair. If you find your marine bean bag isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, you can purchase some extra filler online to make it as good as new.

Final Thoughts

Boat bean bags are a great way to add comfort and style to your boat. They are also very versatile and can be used for various purposes.

When choosing a craft bean bag chair, be sure to consider its size, weight, and capacity. You should also consider the features of the bean bag and whether it is mold and mildew-resistant and UV resistant.

e searider teardrop medium bean bag chair
E SeaRider Teardrop Medium

All the bean bags we listed above meet the criteria and are some of the best available on the market. If we had to choose, we’d pick a boat bean bag from either E SeaRider or Ocean Tamer, as these are the two leading brands for Boat bean bags.

Many boat enthusiasts have tried both; some prefer the E Searider, others the Ocean-Tamer. Testing their products side by side, there really is no discernible difference. Either will provide you with comfort and long-lasting durability. Plus, they both offer excellent customer service.

Check out the top rated bean bag chairs on Amazon

I hope this guide was helpful in choosing the best marine bean bag chair for your needs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

What are Boat bean bags filled with?

Boat bean bags are usually filled with polystyrene beans because they are waterproof and comfy.

What is the best Marine Bean Bag Chair?

With my experience and testing multiple chairs, I think that the e-searider is the best marine bean bag chair on the market.

Sarah Williams