Moon Pod Alternatives

Moon Pod Alternatives

Last updated on January 29th, 2024 at 10:15 am

As an Interior designer and someone who’s always on the hunt for the perfect relaxation spot in my home, I was naturally drawn to the Moon Pod. Its promise of a zero-gravity experience was too tempting to resist.

But as I delved deeper into the world of bean bags and loungers, I discovered some fantastic alternatives that, in my opinion, rival the Moon Pod in comfort and functionality. Here’s my personal take on some of the best Moon Pod alternatives I’ve tried:

7 Moon Pod Dupes or Alternatives
7 Moon Pod Dupes or Alternatives

1. Jaxx Bean Bags (Lounger 7-ft Giant Bean Bag)

Jaxx Bean Bag

My Experience: The 7-foot lounger from Jaxx Bean Bags is a fantastic Moon Pod Alternative and has quickly become my go-to spot for weekend movie marathons. Its size and comfort are unmatched, making it a worthy addition to any living space.


  • 7-foot size perfect for lounging
  • Filled with shredded foam
  • Removable, machine-washable cover

Visit Jaxx Bean Bags’ Website

2. Yogibo

Yogibo Max Bean Bag Chair
Yogibo Max Bean Bag Chair

My Experience: The first time I sank into a Yogibo, I was taken aback by how it adapted to my body shape. Whether I used it as a chair, recliner, bed, or couch, it offered unparalleled comfort. Its a great Moonpod Dupe and looks/feels the same!


  • Adapts to body shape
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • High user rating of 4.3/5

Visit Yogibo’s Website

3. Big Joe

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair in style
Big Joe Bean Bag Chair in style

My Experience: Big Joe’s range of bean bags, especially the ones filled with Megahh beans, provided a unique sitting experience. It’s a great spot for reading or watching TV.


  • Variety of shapes and sizes
  • Filled with Megahh beans
  • High user rating of 4.3/5

Visit Big Joe’s Website

4. CordaRoys

CordaRoys Bean Bag Chair

My Experience: The highlight of CordaRoys for me was its convertible feature. Having a bean bag that transforms into a bed is a game-changer, especially when I have guests over.


  • Converts into a bed
  • Multiple sizes available
  • High user rating of 4.2/5

Visit CordaRoys’ Website

5. Ultimate Sack

Ultimate Sack 6000
Ultimate Sack 6000

My Experience: Ultimate Sack impressed me with its high-quality foam filling. It’s a bean bag that screams luxury, and the customization options are a bonus.


  • Filled with high-quality foam
  • Customization options available
  • High user rating of 4.1/5

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Visit Ultimate Sack’s Website

Comparison Table: Moon Pod Alternatives at a Glance

Feature/AttributeYogiboBig JoeCordaRoysJaxx Bean BagsUltimate Sack
SizeAdaptableVariesConvertible (Full, Queen, King)7-foot6-foot (popular)
MaterialAdaptive FillMegahh beansFoamShredded FoamHigh-quality foam
Special FeaturesMulti-useDiverse RangeConverts to BedLarge LoungerCustomizable
User Reviews4.3/54.3/54.2/5Personal Favorite4.1/5

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect relaxation spot is deeply personal. While the Moon Pod offers a unique experience, these alternatives have given me just as much joy and comfort.

Each has its own set of features and benefits, and I’ve enjoyed my time with each one of them. If you’re on the fence about which one to go for, I hope my firsthand experience helps you make an informed decision.

Sarah Williams